Top 3 People Who Will Make It In Life Without Facebook

By Nymfa Aranas, Parent Herald March 09, 08:54 am

If you're one of those more techie and social media savvy parents, you may have been using Facebook for about a decade now. You should have seen how the social media platform is able to connect acquaintances and friends from all over the world whether they are related by blood or not.

I'm sure you've been entertained by a cool or viral video at one time or another. So what else made you a Facebook enthusiast?

I hope it won't be too late before you realize the benefits of not being on Facebook for you and your family. For authors like me who has books to promote, the advantage of being visible on most if not all social media platforms cannot be discounted. Nonetheless, if we are not entrepreneurs and professionals who need to market our products and services online, we can surely live a more productive life, all the more so, when disconnected from Facebook.

We may even have friends, relatives or family members who are doing well or will be doing quite well without the most popular social media platform. No need to name names but no offense if your are in this list:

1) Workaholic and Very Private Persons

We know they do exist. My sister and her husband in Texas are a good example. Yet some who may be too focused on their work may desire to use Facebook if they don't care about business or personal privacy. Those who wouldn't mind being called "cave men" like my sister and brother-in-law will live "happily ever after" without the distraction and invasion of social media.

2) Unhappy, Unfulfilled Dreamers

When social media users are not secure enough to be thankful for what they have, they should not use Facebook. Why? Inevitably, they will see extravagant posts from friends who are successful in their careers, and it will be to their detriment to turn green with envy or wallow in self-pity and even depression when they can't help but compare their status with that of an achiever friend.

3) Unemployed with No Sense of Direction

For those who have yet to determine the career path they really want to tread on, the time consuming Facebook habit will be counterproductive. Lacking a clear purpose and passion as well as discipline with time management, each day will pass unnoticed with no progress on their goal setting. The whole day may not be enough in browsing their friends' posts, watching videos and making comments after senseless comments. Unfortunately, these Facebook posts followers may not be aware that they're being robbed of their time when they could have spent the day researching and coming up with plans on what should be done to start a profitable business or land the right job.

I don't know about you. But I must admit that despite my good reason for being active on Facebook, I still find it easy to be sidetracked. So I have considered cutting down on my Facebook usage. Or should I experiment with living without Facebook for some time?

My family and I lived without a TV and a computer in our apartment when only Friendster and MySpace were generating a lot of buzz in the online world. I didn't expect we would enjoy those months, but we did!

Do you think you can survive and make the most of your day without Facebook? Better yet, I'll appreciate it if you can add to my top 3 list here. Please share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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