Why A Mother Wants Son To Find Beauty In Beast Amid Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Controversy

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 16, 04:00 am

The Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" received backlash and controversy about the gay moment announced between Gaston and LeFou but a writer, who is also a mother, wanted to focus on a different issue. The mother shared in her article the reason why she wanted to teach her son about finding beauty in the character of Beast in the live-action remake of the Disney classic.

In an article for Washington Post, writer Beth Pugh said when she first saw the trailer for "Beauty and the Beast," her heart leaped with joy but she felt sad because her son does not have the same interest as hers. However, on the positive side, Pugh said she wanted to teach her son to look beyond appearance and recognize women's strengths and learn to respect that.

Pugh continued to explain although "Beauty and the Beast" has a great moral story, which is looking deep into the heart of Beast to find beauty in him despite his external appearance, the movie has a dark side. She said the movie lacked belief in the possibility that men can do the same thing that Belle did for Beast without being attracted to a woman's external appearance.

The mother and writer added what if Belle and Beast changed roles wherein the lead woman was ugly instead of the prince. She asked, "What if the Beast were handsome instead of frightening? Would the movie receive the same reaction from the audience? Would it be believable for the man to see past the woman's looks to the heart of who she is?" She cited other movies like "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Phantom of the Opera" having the same storyline as "Beauty and the Beast."

Pugh added her son is now forming ideas and opinions of what are beautiful and she hoped her child will distinguish true beauty from external beauty. She wanted her son to grow up and understand that helping an old lady cross the street is lovely, feeding the hungry is gorgeous and sitting next to the least popular kid in school is respectable and strong.

More on "Beauty and the Beast," the movie also received backlash and criticisms for the remarks of the director that LeFou will be openly gay at some point in the movie. Malaysia wanted the movie to be edited and cut out the parts showing the "gay moment" but the people behind the movie did not follow the request, The Hollywood Reporter revealed.

Emma Watson plays the role of Belle and Dan Steven plays the role of Beast. The movie will be out in the United States this March 17.

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