Still Suffering From Hangover After A Night Out? Yale Students Believe They Have The Antidote

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 02, 12:16 pm

One of the most common problems that people face is hangover and two Yale students believed they have the cure for it. The two students worked in their apartment to come up with the possible antidote.

Some people cure their hangovers by drinking another type of alcohol after a night of partying. Others have to eat something hot while some prefer something cold but they do not work 100 percent all the time. The new antidote is the first of its kind that potentially cures hangover so people do not have to worry about how much they drink and deal with the side effects of drinking the next day.

The students, Margaret Morse and Liam McClintock, came up with the antidote called SunUp and they sold it for $5 per pack. Morse is a molecular cellular and developmental biology major while McClintock is an athlete who loves to work with different dietary supplements. McClintock said he tried to find one that will help him with hangovers but to no avail, WNCN reported.

McClintock added, "There's an acetaldehyde build up. There is a vitamin and electrolyte loss. There is a glutamine rebound and there are immunological disturbances." SunUp is a citrus-flavored mixture made of vitamins and nutrients that protect the liver. They said people who use SunUp should take it before they start drinking.

Morse noted the antidote they came up with makes people feel less fatigued and they do not become nauseous. The antidote also prevented people from getting headaches the next morning.

Initially, the two students tested this amongst their friends. They then stared a crowdfunding campaign and received $20,000 for mass production.

The Yale student body gave positive feedback on the product and due to the growing demand, the two students sold their product to a pharmaceutical company for further scientific study. They also stressed out it is not just the concoction that will help students with hangover but also moderate and responsible drinking.

The supposed hangover remedy, however, might not be used by older generations. Business Insider reported the older a person is, the more difficult it is for a person's body to break down alcohol thus worst hangovers.  

SunUp will be available in the market this April. It might be sold at $5 per pack.

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