How I Learned To Shake Off Negativity: Confessions Of An OC Mom

By Nymfa Aranas, Parent Herald April 01, 05:33 am

Has a friend or a family member labelled you as obsessive-compulsive? My close friends did, and they teased me for being an OC. Somehow, I guess they may be right as I almost always get irritated with mess and I grow tired of too much unwholesome talks.

I'm not sure whether the symptoms are that of an OCD or OCPD. But whenever I see unpleasant or unfavorable situations, I normally get disappointed in a moment. The problem sets in when I turn to be too reactive. The result -- my surroundings and I repel, because both of us are "negatively charged." I see my daughter's irresponsibility, and I become impatient. My hubby seems careless and unreasonable, and I become cynical. I glean through an unfulfilled dream, and I get bitter and depressed. Someone is in trouble, and I am too insensitive. Here come discouragement and disappointments.

Either an interpersonal or an intrapersonal conflict is present, simply because I see the negative sides of everything if not everyone around. I have suffered a number of times the consequences of my negativity. I treasure the lessons I've learned as I am still in the process of learning.

But nothing good will ever happen when we keep on focusing our eyes on ourselves -- what we want and what we expect. Conflicts will be here and there if we won't get to see our own mistakes.

Are we often caught grumbling as if we were carrying the whole world on our shoulders? Are we quick to detect imperfections, shortcomings and inconsistencies in other people? Do we feel so discouraged and disappointed?

We may wallow in depression and a feeling of hopelessness, unless we wake up one day and discover that it helps to look at things with spiritual eyes. These eyes, which transcend superficiality and every form of facade, enable you to look not only "to your own interests but also to the interest of others" (Phil. 2:4).

Believe it or not, learning the habit of "wearing your spiritual eyes" spells out the difference. The eyes which focus on the positive side of everything and make you thankful under whatever circumstances represent the eyes of a loving God. Do you look and see with His eyes?

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