People Get Candid On Traits They Are Getting Rid As Parents, Based On Experience With Own Folks

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 12, 11:07 pm
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Our own folks served as the first role models we admire when it comes to parenthood. In the same vein, they also gave us the very first idea of traits we should get rid when we become parents. 

Let's face it. At one point or another, this crossed in mind when you disagree with your parent's ways of upbringing: "I don't ever wanna do that to my kids."  

Apparently, a group of individuals opened up social media regarding the traits they don't want to pass onto their children, based on experience from their own mom and dad. Independent reported that a Reddit forum boasts of these confessions and one of the most common traits they want to get rid is parental anger issues.

One user said he wanted his future children to feel free in expressing their opinions rationally. At home, his father usually shouted and everyone would just have to agree that he is right so he could stop. He added that he wanted encourage calm discussions in the household.

"Maybe you shouldn't have shouted us down anytime we said something you might not agree with," another said in agreement with the first Reddit user. "We aren't interested in talking to someone who can't have a discussion without flying into a rage."

Some people in the community struggled with their parents' traits as they already manifest them like their folks. One guy said he hated his tendency to keep grudges, and he will never forgive his parents for adopting that.

Another admitted to his parents' lack of discipline. There were no rules to follow upon growing up, and he had to learn things on his own whether he is ready or not, he said.

There are plenty of factors contributing to parents and children's unhealthy relationship. A common culprit is lack of open communication.

Constricted communication between parents and children is one of the red flags of a toxic parenthood. According to Reader's Digest, this can bear negative response to the children as they can turn more defiant without open communication.

Parents should also know how to manage their own frustrations so it will not affect their children. By acknowledging trigger points, parents welcome improvement and this will bear positive impact on children's behavior.

Becoming a parent is already hard by nature, and becoming a good one is twice as difficult. No child is perfect, and this holds true for parents as well. By empathizing each other, there will be room for understanding and this can help make family ties happier and more efficient.

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