May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: How To Protect Your Kids From Tick Bites

May Is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: How To Protect Your Kids From Tick Bites

Tick-borne diseases are prevalent in the summer months and one such disease is the Lyme disease. Wearing proper clothing when going outdoors is one way that parents can help prevent their kids from getting the infection.

by Tanya Diente

Mother Loses Son To Diabetes, Rallies To Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Mother Loses Son To Diabetes, Rallies To Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Nicole Smith-Holt rallied to lower the prices of pharmaceutical medicines on the eve of Mother's Day. The bereaved mother lost her son to lack of insulin because he could not afford the medicine.

by Tanya Diente

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy's Duchenne Patient Registry Reaches 10-Year Milestone

In World's Largest Duchenne Registry, Patients Contribute Data Used by Industry, Academic Researchers, and Clinicians

by Staff

Food allergic disease EoE

Discovery Could Lead To Personalized Medical Therapies for Emerging New Food Allergy Disorder

Experts identify subtypes of esosinophilic esophagitis or EoE, an emerging food allergy. The new findings highlight different clinical features and molecular pathways that may help in developing treatment.

by Staff

Majority of American Employees Find It Difficult To Discuss Mental Health Concerns

Why Majority Of Employees Are Not Comfortable With Discussing Mental Health At Work

The majority of the employees finds it a taboo to discuss mental health at work.

by Abbie Kraft

School Lunch Rules Changes

School Lunch Rule Changes Concern Health Experts: Why Fix Something Not Broken?

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow a more flexible school lunch rule beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

by Amanda Moore

Tick bite related diseases is currently on the rise.

What Parents Should Know About The Drastic Increase In Tick-Borne Powassan Virus

Tick-Borne Powassan Virus is currently causing an alarm among parents.

by Abbie Kraft

Parents' Bad Habits Are Bad For Health

The Parenting Habits Making Moms And Dads Sick: Recognize These Signs

Does some of the habits seem familiar to you, parents? This is a wake-up call to change what's bad for the sake of you health!

by Amanda Moore

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is than just feeling tired as it is considered as an illness.

Why Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is Becoming Common Among Adults

Chronic fatigue syndrome is becoming more common among adults and parents need to know about it.

by Abbie Kraft

Childhood Stress In Adulthood

Childhood Stress Is A Toxic Killer In Adulthood As 'Resilience' Documentary Highlights

James Redford tackles childhood stress or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in the "Resilience" documentary.

by Amanda Moore

Yellow Fever Vaccine To Run Out By Mid-Summer

Yellow Fever Vaccine Supply In The U.S. To Run Out By Summer

CDC announced that Yellow Fever vaccine supply will most likely run out by July.

by Abbie Kraft

Plastic Surgery And Makeover Gaming Apps For Kids

Gaming Apps For Kids: What 'Fun' Plastic Surgery, Makeover Apps Are Teaching Young Girls

Parents are your kids playing plastic surgery or makeover apps? Do you know what those games teach young girls?

by Amanda Moore

Napercise For Parents

Workout For Tired Parents: Gym Offers 'Napercise' Class To Reinvigorate Exhausted Moms And Dads

Parents come to this gym for napercise, where they do 15-minute stretches and sleep for 45 minutes.

by Amanda Moore

Lyme Disease Is From Ticks

Lyme Disease Prevention: How Can Parents Protect Children From Tick-Borne Illness

Parents, don't dismiss rashes, fever and fatigue in kids, especially when Lyme disease infection is on the rise.

by Amanda Moore


Researchers Explain The Probability Of PTSD Gene

Researchers explain the potential impact of PTSD on the future generation.

by Abbie Kraft

American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about  7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research

American Academy Of Pediatrics Highlights 7 Great Achievements In Pediatric Research

The American Academy of Pediatrics opened up about the 7 Great Achievements in Pediatric Research as they call out to increase their funding for child care research.

by Abbie Kraft

Kids Picking On Noses Is Fine, Says Experts

Kids Picking Their Nose Or Eating Snot Are Healthier And Parents Should Let Nose-Picking Be, Study Says

Parents normally tell their kids not to pick their nose as it's distasteful but experts reveal nose-picking isn't all that bad.

by Amanda Moore

Cycle Of Emotional Eating And Emotional Feeding

Emotional Eating, Emotional Feeding: Parents To Blame For Introducing Foods To Soothe Upset Kids

It's parents who trigger the cycle of emotional feeding and emotional eating in children, which could become a full-blown eating disorder.

by Amanda Moore

New Malaria Vaccine

Three African Nations Getting First Batch Of New Malaria Vaccine?

Three AfricannNations will get to test the first batch of the new malaria vaccine believed to save thousands.

by Claire Parker

Childhood Obesity And Sleep Routines

Childhood Obesity, Sleep Routine Links: Following Regular Bedtime In Kids Lowers Obesity Risk, Study Says

Parents, instilling a sleep routine and regular bedtime in your kids lowers their obesity risk. Learn more from this report.

by Amanda Moore

Sleep Deprivation Among Parents

Sleep Deprivation: Here's How Parents Who Lack Sleep Affect Their Kids

The physical and mental strains of sleep deprivation in parents impact their kids in ways moms and dads might not even be aware of, so here's a good breakdown of the effects.

by Amanda Moore

FDA Raises The Alarm On Medications With Codeine

FDA Urges Parents Not To Give Children Medications With Codeine

FDA warned parents of the possible dangers by giving children cough syrups with Codeine.

by Abbie Kraft

Opoid related deaths continually increase over the years causing an alarm among health care providers.

The Importance Of Giving Safe Pain Relief To Recovering Opioid Addicts Post Surgery

Health care providers should seek advice to addiction specialist post suregery.

by Abbie Kraft

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