Parents, Take Note: Pool Noodles Could Have Snakes In Them, Arizona Fire Department Says

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 29, 01:35 am

Snakes are sneaky deadly creatures and can hide anywhere, including in seemingly inhabitable places such as pool noodles, and this is why people need to check these floaters first before using them.

Pool Noodle Alert

Pool noodles are those long, squishy foams that swimmers use as a float. They have a long hole that runs in the middle, where snakes can squeeze themselves into and hide. It is a must to do a thorough check of the pool noodles to avoid any untoward incidents, just like what happened to a concerned citizen.

According to the City of Buckeye Fire Department, one of its citizens reported seeing snakes living inside their pool noodles. The floaters were left by the cinderblock wall and were brought to the pool. To the people's shock, a snake came out, although it did not attack since it was concerned about its companions still inside the pool noodle.

The department reminded citizens to be mindful of where they store their pool noodles because they can be used as hiding place for snake eggs. There have reportedly been cases when snakes lay their eggs inside pool noodles that have been left near bushes or fences.

Safety Reminders

Wildlife biologist Christopher E. Smith suggests keeping grasses, trees, and shrubs trimmed to keep snakes out of the yard. It is also advisable to seal sidewalk cracks or those found in the home to prevent snakes from entering the crack.

"Some of our desert critters may wander into our backyards and find a hiding place in our around items left around the pool area," the department warned in a Facebook post.

The citizen initially thought that rattlesnakes hid in their pool noodles, but it turned out otherwise. Regardless, the fire department provided some helpful reminders in case anyone encounters a rattlesnake, or any snake, for that matter.

It is important to stay calm as not to give away your location. Snakes rely on vibrations on the ground to determine where you are. Making sudden movements will only scare the snakes even more. The department suggests walking around the snake slowly to give it a lot of space.

"Just keep in mind that rattlesnakes can coil up and strike at great lengths, so give it as much space as possible," read the Facebook post.

A clear indication that you have startled a rattlesnake is the sound of its rattle. Instead of running, the fire department suggests staying still in the off chance that the snake will just slither away.

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