‘Westworld’ Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Who Is The Man In Black? Plus Plot Is Actually In Another Planet?

By Sophie Lawrence, Parent Herald December 01, 08:41 pm

"Westworld, the HBO series that caused many heads swirling with its strange plot and twists is set to air its finale episode soon. With almost all of the main characters in this TV series shrouded in mystery, it is a relief to know that the creators promise to answer all of the burning questions of the viewers in the finale. Based on the spoilers going around, here are some of the things that can possibly happen in the 90-minute Season 1 finale of "Westworld."

As posted in Mic, the "Westworld" finale may reveal that William (Jimmi Simpson) is actually the Man in Black as the show seems to have been dropping clues about this fact all along. Another interesting theory about William is that his character is actually from the past.

Another theory is that Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is actually the villain, Wyatt who caused the host massacre at the park. According to Teddy, Wyatt did this to please a god which he presumes to be communicating with him.

Meanwhile a Time article entertains the possibility that "Westworld" characters are actually moving in various timelines and it will explain why Dolores is shown sporting different attire. Some are from the past, others from the future, and others from present-day. Another theory is that Westworld is actually happening in another planet, particularly in Mars since the park is shown to be super huge.

Then Arnold may still be alive as his cause of death in episode 9 was not really shown. In fact, Arnold may also be the Man in Black as he once said that he was born in the park and tends to receive a special treatment. Since the Man in Black is portrayed as an important person in the park, then he could be Arnold.

Do not forget to catch the "Westworld" Season 1 finale on Sunday, Dec. 4 at HBO. If ever the finale will bring more questions than answers, then just take to comfort at the thought that the most mysterious TV series today will surely be back for Season 2.

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