Thousands Of Teen Girls Skip School For Kylie Jenner's Pop-Up Store Opening In New York

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald February 15, 04:00 am

Teenagers from New York swarmed Kylie Jenner's pop-up store, which opened Monday, Feb. 13, on Mercer St. Thousands of high school girls skipped class as the line to get inside the store's flashy pink doors wrapped two city blocks.

New York Magazine reports that young girls, who were supposed to be in school at 10 a.m. that Monday, have been lining up to get inside Jenner's makeup store. It snowed just before the doors opened, but even the weather couldn't stop the girls who endured the freezing weather.

Racked talked to some of the kids that were first in the line. They said that they have been there since Saturday and have planned on attending school after they get a peek inside Jenner's latest marketing stunt.

Some teens said that their parents got a call from the school because they skipped classes. A pair of teenage girls, however, told the news outlet that they were given permission to miss school by their "cool" parents.

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 13, 2017 at 5:12pm PST

Time picked Jenner as one of its 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016. The 19-year-old reality TV star was able to build up herself as a brand with over 85 million followers on Instagram.

Aside from being a fashion and style icon, many have remarked her entrepreneurial skills as an inspiration for young kids. Her cosmetic lines always sold out and teens also imitate her look based on her photos and videos on social media.

Jenner also clicks with the 20-something girls who admire the teenager's spunk and charm. "Being constantly compared to your sisters and publicly scrutinized by the media for almost all of her childhood and teenage years cannot have been easy, but she makes it look like a breeze," Yvonne Kirwan said, according to Cosmopolitan. "I'm inspired by how she deals with negativity and harsh critics in the press," she added.

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