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Keri Young Says No To Abortion

Pregnancy  22 February '17

Mom Says No To Abortion, Chooses To Carry Dying Unborn Daughter To Term To Donate Her Organs

Keri and Royce Young are facing their toughest struggle as parents but their selfless decision will change someone else's life.

Abortion Has Erased Down Syndrome In Europe

SPED Kids  20 February '17

Abortion Eradicates Down Syndrome In Some European Countries But At What Cost For Parents And Families?

The move to make the world Down syndrome-free is alarming for some parents who believe every child's life is precious.

Cecile Richards

Pregnancy  10 February '17

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Wants Women To Brag About Their Abortion, Says Now Is The Time To Be Bold

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, wants women to brag about their abortion.

People Gather To Mourn Baby Girl Found On An Oxford Footpath

Baby  7 February '17

Virginia Mom Makes Painful Choice To Abort Baby At 23 Weeks, Tells All On Facebook -- Learn Her Story!

It was a decision that Lindsey Paradiso didn't want to make, but did she have any choice?

President Trump Announces His Supreme Court Nominee

Education  6 February '17

President Donald Trump Commends Catholic Schools For 'Tremendous Work'

During the elections, the president received an overwhelming support from Catholic voters.

Asa Hutchinson

Pregnancy  27 January '17

Arkansas Governor Approves Ban On Second-Trimester Abortion Procedure, Legal Challenge Expected To Be Uphill Battle

A new bill tackling abortion in Arkansas was signed by the governor.

Donald Trump

Pregnancy  24 January '17

Indianapolis Pro-Life Activists March To Pray For Unborn Children As Donald Trump Reinstates Fund Banning For International Abortion Groups

Indianapolis pro-life activists recently took their voices to the streets as they marched to protest against abortion and days after, Donald Trump reinstated the banning of the funding to international health groups related to abortion.


Pregnancy  23 January '17

Why US Abortion Rates Start To Decline Despite Increased Access To Women's Health Care

The abortion rate in the United States has decreased.

Women Who Experience Miscarriage Or Abortion Need Compassion, NOT Judgment

Pregnancy  4 January '17

Fetal Burial Laws Add To The Agony Of Women Who Experience Miscarriage Or Abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling to restrict access to abortion care without providing any medical benefit and impose additional burdens for the required fetal funeral rites is not for public welfare.

Abortion of wanted pregnancy still produces impact

Pregnancy  26 December '16

Wanted Pregnancy Term Does Not Change Impact Of Abortion

Wanted or unwanted pregnancy does not change the impact of abortion.

Supreme Court Rules On Major Cases

Pregnancy  22 December '16

Abortion Controversy: JAMA Study On Women's Mental Health & Abortion Flawed, Expert Slams Inaccuracies

Dr. Priscilla K. Coleman addresses the findings of a recent research that seemingly suggested there is no psychological effects to aborting a baby.

Anti-Abortion Activists March In Washington

Wellness  20 December '16

Being Denied Getting An Abortion Could Possibly Cause Mental Illness Than Abortion Itself, New Study

Contrary to popular belief, abortion doesn't affect the mental health of a person but being denied to have one could.

Abortion Pill Expected To Be Available in Australia Within Year

Wellness  19 December '16

How Abortion Is Likely To Affect Your Mental Health

Women who went through child abortion were said to suffer low self-esteem, anxiety, and other mental problems.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Major Opinions On Abortion And Gun Rights

Pregnancy  11 December '16

What Texas Needs To Know In Its Epic Battle Against Abortion

In Texas, women who are contemplating on abortion are distributed with leaflets. FInd out why.

GOP Presidential Candidates Address RISE Initiative Black Christian Summit

Baby  6 December '16

Fetal Burial About To Be A Huge Lawsuit In Texas With Its New Rules Involving Abortion

New rules in Texas involving fetal burial might lead to a huge lawsuit before taking effect.

Abortion in Texas

Pregnancy  5 December '16

New Texas Abortion Rules [LATEST UPDATE]: Religious Group Satanic Temple Slams Requirement Of Cremating, Burying Unborn Babies

Many have been opposing the new rules in Texas, which is requiring the cremation and burial of unborn babies and the latest group is the Satanic Temple.

Pro-Life Rally Held Ahead Of Democratic National Convention In Philadelphia

Pregnancy  4 December '16

Is Abortion An Absolute Necessity? Morality Issue Continues Amid Pro-Life And Pro-Liberty Debate

In some countries, abortion is seen as a common form of birth control. As abortion rates alarmingly increase, the controversial issue of whether morality is relative amid the pro-life and pro-liberty debate continues.

Texas Governor

Baby  2 December '16

'Giving Voice To The Unborn': Texas Officials Will Now Require Unborn Babies Via Abortion, Miscarriages To Be Cremated, Buried

Texas officials will reportedly push through with a new law that will require people to cremate and bury unborn children via abortion and miscarriage.

Republican Candidate Donald Trump Takes Part In Televised Town Hall In Green Bay

Wellness  25 November '16

Prosecutors Get Invention On Abortion: Getting Jailed For Terminating Pregnancy

Donald Trump has flirted with punishing women for their abortions. But some already are prosecuted under a variety of laws in what is murky legal territory

Health And Human Services Dept. Approves Free Birth Control For Women

Body  20 November '16

Women Fear Losing Free Birth Control After Trump Won Election?

Women voiced out their support for birth control on Wednesday. The campaign aims to educate the public of the benefits and uses birth control.

Alexandria Vera

Education  18 November '16

Former Texas Teacher Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Sexual Assault For Getting Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Student, Might Get 30 Years Jail Time

A former Texas teacher pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault regarding her sexual relationship with her then-13-year-old student.

Katy Perry

TV/ Movie  14 November '16

Post Donald Trump Victory: Katy Perry Donates $10,000 To Planned Parenthood; President-Elect Does Not Support Abortion

Katy Perry took to Instagram to announce that she donated $10,000 to Planned Parenthood.

GOP Presidential Candidates Address RISE Initiative Black Christian Summit

Pregnancy  20 October '16

Abortion Rights: Norway Allows Termination Of One Healthy Fetus In Twin Pregnancy For Foreigners

Some experts are concerned that such a ruling might only perpetuate abortion tourism.

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