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Easter Egg Roll 2017: How Different Was It Compared To Previous Egg Roll Celebrations?

Parenting  18 April '17

Easter Egg Roll 2017: The Difference Between The Current And Previous Egg Roll Celebrations

A custom commonly hosted by the first lady, FLOTUS Melania Trump led this year's Easter Egg Roll, which was held at the White House south lawn.

Trump's Effect On Families: How The President Makes Parenting Hard For American Moms & Dads

Parenting  17 April '17

Trump's Effect On Families: How The President Makes Parenting Hard For American Moms & Dads

President Donald Trump has raised eyebrows about so many different issues, and this includes his probable influence on children.

Anti-Vax Haven: Vashon Island In Washington Houses Most Parents Opposing Immunization

Parenting  12 April '17

Anti-Vax Haven: Vashon Island In Washington Houses Most Parents Opposing Immunization

One in four children living in the island remain unvaccinated in kindergarten and the island's rate tops nationwide non-vaccination figures.

Melania Trump

Education  7 April '17

Melania Trump, Jordan's Queen Rania Visit All-Girls School: What These Two Women Have In Common?

Melania Trump and the Jordanian queen visited an all-girls school in Washington.

Trump Hosts a Reception for US Senators

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Trump Administration Cuts Funds For A U.N. Family Planning Agency

Trump administration faced backlash after cutting funds for UNFPA .

Donald Trump Withdraws $29M Population Fund Supporting 155 Countries Worldwide

Issues  5 April '17

Donald Trump Withdraws $29M Population Fund Supporting Pro-Choice In 155 Countries Worldwide

Republican president Donald Trump backed out on providing U.S. donations for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) because of its alleged involvement to China's coercive abortion.

Donald Trump

School  5 April '17

Donald Trump Vows Big Budget For Education Weeks After Proposing Cuts

President Donald Trump said in a recent statement he will have big budgets for education.

Donald Trump

School  29 March '17

Trump Administration Wants To Cut Education, Science Budgets To Support Military Budget Boost, Border Wall

Trump administration said they want to make budget cuts in education and science.

Eric And Lara Trump Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy  22 March '17

Trump Family Expands! Eric And Lara Trump Announce Pregnancy; Donald Trump Is A Grandpa All Over Again

This is the first child for Eric and Lara Trump, who married in 2014. They are expecting a baby boy in September.

Ivana Trump

News  16 March '17

US President Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Ivana To Write Memoir About Raising Their Three Children?

The first wife of President Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, will write a memoir about raising their three children.

Effects Of United States President Donald Trump's Immigration Policy On Families

Family Life  13 March '17

What Are The Effects Of US President Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies On Families?

Immigration lawyers working with illegal immigrant parents have recommended the power of attorney to ensure their children are not taken in by the state.

Texas Transgender Bill

Teens/Young Adults  9 March '17

Texas Bathroom Bill On Its Way To Implementation After It Passes Key Votes

The Texas bathroom bill might be implemented soon after the bill passed key votes.

Linwood Michael Kaine

Family Life  9 March '17

Senator Tim Kaine's Son Interrupts Protest For Donald Trump, Gets Arrested On Second-Degree Riot Suspicion

The son of Senator Tim Kaine was arrested after attending a protest for Donald Trump.

Gavin Grimm

Teens/Young Adults  8 March '17

Transgender Bathroom Case Of Gavin Grimm Sent Back To Lower Court After SC Refuses To Hear It

The case of the transgender teen in Virginia who wanted his case to be heard in the Supreme Court was sent back to the lower court.

Women's  March

School  7 March '17

Numerous Teachers Filing For Leave? Virginia, Alexandria Schools Closed Due To 'A Day Without a Woman' Event

Teachers filed for leave from schools in Virginia and Alexandria prompting schools to close down due to the event "A Day Without a Woman."

Melania Trump

News  3 March '17

First Lady Melania Trump Reads To Kids At NYC Hospital During National Read Across America Day

First Lady Melania Trump visited an NYC hospital to read books to them during the National Read Across America Day.

Charter schools

School  2 March '17

What Exactly Are Charter Schools? Government Orders Closure Of Four Low-Performing Charter Schools

Charter schools are privately-run but are publicly-funded.

Fatehmeh Reshad

Health  1 March '17

Iranian Baby Now Recovering After Delayed Heart Surgery Due To US President Donald Trump's Travel Ban

The Iranian baby whose heart surgery was delayed after President Donald Trump imposed a travel ban is now recovering.

President Donald Trump

Teens/Young Adults  23 February '17

Trump Administration On Transgender Bathroom Law: Expect Changes On Guidelines Amid Lifting Of Obama's Federal Protections

The president's men might alter some of the guidelines of the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

Women's March Held In Los Angeles

Family Life  17 February '17

Girls In The Trump Era: How To Raise A Courageous Daughter In Trump's America

Empowering young girls begins with their parents teaching them to know their worth.

Transgender Bathroom In Schools

School  17 February '17

Parents Of Transgender Students Sign Letter For President Donald Trump After DOJ Rolls Back Bathroom Rights

The Department of Justice under the new government has withdrawn its objection to the injunction of Title IX.

President Donald Trump On Autism

Autism  16 February '17

Donald Trump Finds 'Tremendous Increase' In Autism Cases Horrible, Critics Lash At President For Believing Misconception [WATCH]

Trump spoke about his worries regarding autism in a panel among special education experts.

Obamacare Repeal

Health/Nutrition  15 February '17

Obamacare Repeal: Uninsured Number Of Americans Reach Record Low; Will Repeal Really Push Through?

The uncertainty surrounding the ObamaCare repeal caused many Americans to become uninsured.

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