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President Donald Trump

Wellness  17 March '17

US President Donald Trump Admits ObamaCare Replacement Will Hurt Supporters, Urges Them To Support Healthcare Policy

The GOP planned healthcare policy will affect a lot of Trump supporters but the president still asked them to support it.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Wellness  15 March '17

'SpongeBob SquarePants' Creator Announces ALS Diagnosis, Promises To Continue Working On Cartoon

The creator of "SpongeBob SquarePants" announced he was diagnosed with ALS.

Understanding The Social Anxiety And The Possible Treatments

Wellness  15 January '17

Understanding Social Anxiety And Its Possible Treatments

Research reveal that cognitive therapy is one of the most effective sociophobia treatments.

Bed Time And Obesity: Research Reveals That Obesity Is Linked To Bed Time Routines During Preschool

Toddler  15 January '17

Bed Time And Obesity: Research Reveals Obesity Is Linked To Bed Time Routines During Preschool

Researchers reveal that a preschooler's bedtime routine is linked to obesity.

Know the Importance of Mental Health Awareness on Univerisities

Education  11 January '17

The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness On University Students

Mental health awareness on college campuses is starting to pave way for a positive start.

Children's Hospital Class Aims To Help Youth With Obesity Issues

Teen  10 January '17

Surgery To Cure Obesity In Teens? Study Reveals Long-Term Benefits

Gastric surgery has long-term benefits for obese teens that surpass its adverse impacts.

Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary

Pregnancy  10 January '17

Researchers Dig Into The Credibility Of Morning Sickness Pills

New research and studies are subjected towards finding out whether morning sickness pills are indeed effective.

Botox treatment is said to cure depression.

Wellness  9 January '17

Can Botox Cure Depression?

A study suggest that Botox can possibly cure depression.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  7 January '17

Can Pregnant Women Sleep Better At Night?

Pregnancy is a challenge and it can cause a complete change in woman's routine. However, few simple steps can help achieve a peaceful sleep.

Peanut Butter Prices Set To Rise Up To 30 Percent

Baby  7 January '17

Peanuts Can Prevent Allergies In Children

Peanuts, along with delicious taste, have a positive health impact and help prevent allergies in babies.

David Davis Goes Back To School

Family Life  3 January '17

Why A Book About Gender Diversity Is Sparking Outburst

Children as young as seven are to be taught in schools to stop using the terms "boys" and "girls" – in case they discriminate against transgender pupils.

Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sodas Debated In Court, As New Report Details Diabetes Deaths In City At A High

Wellness  3 January '17

How A Parent's Obesity Can Have Negative Health Effects On Children

Parental obesity isn't just harmful to them, the risks run down to their children as well.

Labour Party Conference - Day One

Wellness  31 December '16

Drunkenness Diverting Resources From Emergencies? NHS Head Warns Binge Drinkers To Be Unselfish On New Year's Eve

The decline of NHS services is unfolding day by day as experts see the fallout taking its toll over the public.

Autism Evaluation Day for Our Son

SPED Kids  30 December '16

Study Reveals The Need For More Services For Young Adults With Autism

Autism is tough to bear and go through, especially when one is entering adulthood.

Secret Report Reveals Neglect At Manchester Maternity Hospitals

Wellness  28 December '16

NHS Lacks Adequate Services And Facilities To Address Mental Health Issues In The UK

Psychiatrists have recently announced the National Health Services (NHS) and its facilities are distressingly inadequate to successfully deal with the increasing number of psychological issues.

Type 2 Diabetes Complications and Kidney Disease (Renal Failure)

Pregnancy  24 December '16

Poor Pregnancy Results Can Be Related To Past Kidney Problems:

The risk of preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications may be greater for expectant mothers who have a history of acute kidney injury, a new study finds.

Healthy & Easy Snack Ideas!! | Christmas Edition

Wellness  24 December '16

Holiday's Health Threats For Children

Full of festive decor and family traditions, this time of year offers plenty to be jolly about. But there's bad news.

Healthcare 2017

Wellness  22 December '16

Health Spending in the U.S Averaged Nearly $10,000 per Person in 2015

The increase in federal spending was driven mainly by the expansion of Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, according to the report, published online in the journal Health Affairs. The United States has increased last year to a total spending of $3.2 trillion or a nearly average of $10,000 per person since the 2008 recession at the fastest rate of time.

Prostate Cancer - Optic Lasers Drug Kill Cancer Leaves Healthy Prostate

Wellness  21 December '16

Prostate Cancer Can Now Be Cured By Using Laser Cure Technology

Surgeons have described a new treatment for early stage prostate cancer as truly transformative.

Eat Healthy for Under $20

Wellness  21 December '16

Healthy Food Is Cost Effective Than Your Expectations

People think healthier foods​ are more expensive foods and vice versa even when it isn't true.

The journey from Ottawa to Health 2020

News  21 December '16

Ottawa Falls Short To Attain Contract On Health Costs

Ottawa offers $11.5B over 10 years for targeted priorities, but provinces want higher annual transfers.

Frank Zander Hosts Charity Dinner For Homeless In Berlin

Wellness  21 December '16

How To Avoid Food Poisoning This Holiday Season

Christmas is the time of the year in which the refrigerators are filled with left-over foods but humans are not the only ones who are happy this holiday season but also the bacteria that attack the food, leading to serious illnesses.

Judgement Given On NHS Restrictions On Alzheimer's Drugs

Wellness  20 December '16

New Drug Found To Restore Memory Of Alzheimer's Patients And Give Them Long Life

This drug not only slows down memory loss, but even restores it.

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