What Julia Roberts Will Leave Her Daughter Hazel; World's 'Most Beautiful' Woman Remembers Her Mom

By Amanda Moore / Apr 21, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Julia Roberts intends to leave her daughter Hazel some prized pieces from her Hollywood life. People's 2017 "Most Beautiful Woman" also remembers her mom in an exclusive interview.

Roberts reveals she keeps plenty of items she gets from working in Hollywood for her one and only daughter. The Oscar-winning actress says her husband usually teases her about having a "heritage collection" at home that's filled with her Hollywood memorabilia, as per People.

The items are in a "little space" in case Hazel, 12, might want to have them someday. In it is the gown Roberts wore when she won her first Oscar for "Erin Brockovich" in 2001, which she thinks Hazel could use when she's older.

Premiere designer Robert Valentino created the black gown with white accents that Roberts said still gets a commentary even today. "When she got the Academy Award for 'Erin Brockovich' I watched it on television and really I was so excited that she appeared in my dress," Valentino said, as per Vanity Fair.

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Roberts, who is married to film cameraman and cinematographer Danny Moder since 2002, has two other kids, Hazel's twin Finn and youngest Henry, 9. She reveals all of her children have a great sense of humor.

Meanwhile, Roberts also discussed her mom in another People exclusive. Betty Lou Bredemus, who was an acting coach, passed away at 80-years-old in 2015 due to cancer.

"My mom worked a full-time job and raised three girls pretty much on her own," Roberts said. "I feel like lately, she just crosses my mind, and I'll turn and I see something that says 'Betty,' just unexpectedly."

People Magazine named the "Pretty Woman" star the "Most Beautiful Woman" a fifth time this year. Now 49, she was first named "Most Beautiful" when her Hollywood star was rising at 23. Watch the actress in her unforgettable Valentino dress below.

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