Jessica Biel Talks About What's Most Important: Hubby Justin Timberlake, Son Silas And Motherhood

By Amanda Moore / Apr 28, 2017 04:00 AM EDT

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Jessica Biel returned to the Hollywood circuit this week when her new TV show "The Sinner" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. At the red carpet, however, the actress talked about what's most important for her with the press — her husband Justin Timberlake, their son Silas and motherhood.

"The Sinner" is Biel's comeback to acting after having Silas in 2015, so the premiere was an exciting time for her career-wise. She, however, had her family in mind the whole time, E! News reported.

Biel said it was easy for her to be back on the set because Timberlake supported her work. Funnily enough, "The Sinner" depicted the story of a mom who committed a violent act and this was her darkest role to date, yet her husband encouraged her to sink her teeth into it. She described Timberlake as the "perfect parenting partner," according to Female First.

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Fortunately, Biel had no problems leaving her work behind when she's at home. "Someone needs dinner, someone needs to get their pajamas on, then get in the bath, then get into bed and you can't be smoldering in the corner like, 'Oh, this scene I did!'" she told Entertainment Tonight.

The actress gushed over her 2-year-old boy Silas and said he's "inherited the entertainment gene" because he can easily charm anyone. Biel, however, hinted hesitation about her son following in his parents' line of work.

"It's such a challenging existence being an artist," she said. "I just want him to be happy whatever he does."

Biel also revealed motherhood changed her outlook in life and in how she related to everyone around her. She learned to become more compassionate and patient, as well as sensitive to what other people need. Even if her role on "The Sinner" challenged her, Biel said no role was the hardest but the most joyous to do than being a mom.

"The Sinner" premieres on TV Aug. 2 at 10 p.m. on USA Network and will run for eight episodes. Bill Pullman joins her on the show as the detective tracking Biel's character Cora Tanner.

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