16-Year-Old High School Student Who Barely Knows About Programming Built His Dream Video Game Company Without Money

By John Drowne / Jun 03, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

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A 16-year-old high school student, who barely knows about programming, chose to pursue his dreams without the financial help of his wealthy dad. After some struggles and rejections, David Eisman is now the CEO of his dream video game company, which he built even without money.

David Eisman is the founder and CEO of Pixelman Productions, a new video game company that started operating early this year. The sophomore high school student is the son of Steve Eisman, the money manager who is famous for shorting securitized subprime home mortgages.

The Rough Road To His Dream Video Game Company

David Eisman told Yahoo that before he became a CEO, he went through rejections and struggles. The high school student revealed that his wealthy dad gave him free advice to realize the company that he envisioned. However, his famous dad never showed interest in investing money into his dream video game company.

Aside from the lack of money, David Eisman struggled to realize his dream video game company because he lacks programming skills. In fact, he said that he considered himself more of a businessman than a programmer. The high school student stressed that he tried applying as an intern in some video game companies, however, nobody hired him because his programming skills are not good enough.

How The High School Student Realized His Dream Video Game Company

Despite struggles, rejections and lack of funds, David Eisman did not give up on his dream video game company. The high school student narrated that he went online and scanned various video game sites and forums. And then, he started posting ads stating that he is building a new video game company and is hiring people who will be compensated through revenue sharing.

David Eisman recalled that his recruiting ads received varying responses. Some mocked his idea of building a new video game company without money, while others were intrigued. Surprisingly, the high school student started receiving applicants who are willing to work for free, and consequently hired programmers, artists, music composers, a marketing team and a writer.

The High School Student's Visions For His New Video Game Company

David Eisman's Pixelman Productions started operating last January and for months now, the teen CEO and his team have been working on an unusual video game called "Mirka." The high school student is looking forward to the walking simulator game to be made available soon.

Moreover, David Eisman revealed that "Mirka" is just a stepping stone as he has bigger plans for his new video game company. "I want to incorporate video games into education and work with universities to use the psychological principal of 'tangential learning' in order to help kids learn," the high school student disclosed.

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