Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Smartphone’s Usage Still Up Despite Explosions And Recalls

By Harvy / Sep 16, 2016 07:10 AM EDT

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It seems that Samsung fans are still happy using the company's newly released Galaxy Note 7, despite the fact that the smartphones are actually and realistically exploding health hazards; statistics show that although Samsung has instituted a massive recall for the Galaxy Note 7 and retailers have stopped selling them, usage is still up.

Not even the possibility of the device exploding in their hands or faces will stop Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners from using their phones according to The Verge, based on statistical analysis from mobile analytics company Aptelligent.

Recent statistics indicate that owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are still happily utilizing their phones amidst the recent wide-ranged recall from Samsung. Apparently, people would much rather risk the phone exploding than exchange their devices.

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A charted analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's usage shows a clear increase in the days following up from its August 19 release. After experiencing a massive sharp spike during the first couple of days, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 usage exponentially increased in the next week to the end of the month.

Despite first reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7's exploding batteries showing up around then, owners still continued to use their smartphone with adoption still rising up until Samsung instituted the Galaxy Note 7 recall last Sept. 2. It was then that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 experienced a sharp decline for about a week.

However, continuing afterwards shows another sudden sharp rise in adoption of the Galaxy Note 7 despite Samsung's recall and retailers' removal of the device from shelves. The chart up to the most current date then indicates some degree of peaks-and-troughs but overall Galaxy Note 7 usage still remains up.

The analysis is significant to both the device' future and Samsung's; as Galaxy Note 7 owners continue to refrain from exchanging their devices and keep using them, instances of exploding incidents will keep rising and will just add to the economical wounds that Samsung already has.

Not helping is the fact that Samsung itself seems to be unsure of specifically how to go about the recall, which complicates matters by further confusing Galaxy Note 7 users. Instead of full refunds or similar motives, the company has only instituted an exchange program that will replace a user's Galaxy Note 7 with a new one.

As Samsung has yet to give any information as to the status of the devices given to replace the older released models of the Galaxy Note 7, it is uncertain if the new ones are safe to use or even if they are actually from a different batch not featuring the dangerously explosive batteries of the older Galaxy Note 7 batch.

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