Going Viral: Daddy-Daughter Ballet Video Shines Spotlight On Amazing Fathers From Philadelphia [WATCH]

By Amanda Moore / Feb 17, 2017 04:00 AM EST

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A daddy-daughter ballet video has gone viral on social media. It showed fathers dancing alongside their daughters during a ballet class that happened on Valentine's Day.

Three videos of the daddy-daughter ballet were posted on the Facebook page of The Philadelphia Dance Center. It caught the attention of social media users as one of the videos received over 13 million views as of press time.

People are loving it because the videos are "both hilarious and adorable," according to Philly Voice. The dads are shown dancing awkward ballet moves next to their daughters and they wore the appropriate dance costume, the ballet tutu, with no shame.

Refinery 29 caught up with the dance studio's owner, Thom McIntyre. He told the news outlet that the special Valentine's Day class was not actually limited to fathers as moms also joined their daughters and sons in the hip-hop class. "We had fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, too," McIntyre said.

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McIntyre knows the classes definitely made an impact on the children. "I think this is a memory these kids will have forever," he told ABC News. Some of the kids enjoyed the fact that for a few hours, they watched their parents stumble or make mistakes and it was them guiding the adults on the right movements.

The parents, on the other hand, were able to experience what their kids go through in the dance classes. Oftentimes as many of them sit and watch their children in these classes every week, they have no idea about the amount of effort that needs to be delivered. "It was good for them to get a different perspective on the different levels and techniques," the dance studio owner said.

Parents, do you have kids enrolled in dance classes? Would you love the chance to join them in the classes even once, too? What can you say about the viral videos?

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