Amazon FreeTime Introduces Parent Dashboard, Discussion Cards To Monitor Kids & Spark Conversation

By OIivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 13, 09:46 pm

Amazon's kid-friendly app, Amazon FreeTime, released new features accessible for parents using any browser. Among the newest quirks rolled out by the merchandising giant were Parent Dashboard and Discussion Cards.

The dangers of ordinary tablets for kids' curiosity led Amazon to provide a kid-safe tablet that can guarantee parents peace of mind. The subscription service made FreeTime more appealing for parents through its Parent Dashboard function, where caregivers can monitor the kids' activities in the tablet, USA Today said in a report.

Through the Parent Dashboard feature, caregivers can also check out what the kids are playing or reading. They can even see how long they have played or how long they stay in a specific title.

Parent Dashboard can even collate a child's daily app consumption and analyze the pattern to see how it changed over an entire week. This information can be used by parents to adjust the kid's screen time limitations and set learning goals.

FreeTime also releases the Discussion Cards to spark communication between kids and parents. Discussion Cards is a part of the Parent Dashboard where a set of questions to be asked to the child were posted.

For instance, if a child plays Minecraft, then Discussion Cards could provide set of questions like "What did you build?" or "How long did it take you to make that?" Discussion Cards range from generic to topic-specific and these questions are prepared by Amazon content editors. Aside from expanding communication between kids and parents, the feature also aims to enable children connect digital play in real life, said Tech Crunch.

Parents opt for kid-friendly tablet versions like Amazon FreeTime because of the harrowing effects of unregulated Internet use among kids. Internet use opens curiosity among children and can lead them to certain sites that need adult supervision.

Would you consider this item for your child? Let us know your thoughts about the new features of Amazon FreeTime by commenting below.

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