Why EPA Budget Cut Can Strongly Affect The Children's Health

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 15, 11:01 pm

President Donald Trump's gesture to cut down the budget of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can potentially impact the future generation. Reports claim EPA's budget will reduce by 31 percent, which means that the agency would have to eliminate most of its programs to improve air quality.

EPA's budget reduction can cause future biohazards as part of the budget includes regulatory programs, which are bound to protect kids from pollutants and toxic substances. Scott Pruitt, EPA's new administrator is already working his way work with the given budget, as reported by CNN. The budget cut may save money, but it can have a long-term effect on the children.

"For their size, kids eat more and drink more and breathe more air than adults do," Center for Environmental Health research director Caroline Cox said. "So if either the food, the water or the air is polluted, then they're going to be exposed more."

Children are bound to suffer the consequences of the budget reduction because their body are not yet equipped to handle pollutants. Exposure to harmful elements during the early stages of life can cause birth defects and weak immune system. Exposure to pollutants while still in the womb can lead to lower IQ and neurological damages, according to Cox.

The 2018 preliminary budget proposal was released in March, wherein the current administration already announced that they will but EPA's budget by $2.6 billion. Clean Power Plan, climate change research and other programs, which include toxic and waste substance, were part of the programs with budget cuts.

Experts stressed that climate change strongly impacts the children's growth and development. In a study, Global Climate Change and Children's Health highlighted the effects of global warming on a child's mental and physical development.

Due to the environment's unpredictable changes, the children's overall wellness are highly threatened. So, what are your thoughts on the administration's decision to cut down EPA's funding? Share them in the comments section below. 

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