Viral Story Claiming Married Couple Trying For IVF Are Biological Twins Is Fake News

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 17, 06:07 am

A story of a married couple who tried to have a baby via IVF found out they were actually biological twins separated at birth took the internet by storm. Further investigation, however, yielded that the story was fake.

News publications such cited the online news website called the Mississippi Herald. But the news about a married couple who wanted to undergo In Vitro Fertilization and received the news that they were actually biological twins was a hoax, as per Metro.

Just like the Metro, Parent Herald also covered the viral report, which detailed that a Jackson couple found out they were twins and they were given up for adoption at a very tender age. They also never knew they had a twin because of a filing error, the original article reported.

The couple reportedly knew about them being twins after a lab assistant noticed their DNA samples were very similar. A doctor then confirmed the two were born on the same day back in 1984 and were actually fraternal twins. Unfortunately, the news report did not identify the couple, the lab assistant and the doctor due to confidentiality reasons.

Furthermore, the article also said that the couple thought it was just a joke. Because the story seemed unbelievable, the local newspaper Sun-Herald, which was believed to be the publication linked to the website where the news bit came, cleared they are aware of the report but stressed they are not related to the website.

Other websites pointed out Mississippi Herald appeared to have local stories published but they also published one fake report. That report was about a man who reportedly fed his own genitals to an alligator. They also had no contact number or information listed.

As for other news related to IVF, American Pregnancy Association discusses the procedure in detail. IVF is the process of fertilization by extracting the eggs and getting a sperm sample. The egg and the sperm are combined and transferred to the uterus of the woman. Women who usually try to get pregnant via IVF have damaged or blocked fallopian tubes, while men who want to try this process usually have decreased sperm count.

The success of IVF depends on many factors such as reproductive health, the age of the woman, lifestyle factors, among many others. The live birth rate for women under the age of 35 is 41 percent, 33 to 36 percent in women aged 35 to 37, 23 to 27 percent in women aged 38 to 40 and 13 to 18 percent for women over 40 years old.

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