How Parents Can Work With Their Child's Special Needs Doctor

Parents of a child with special needs require a good support system in the family. Beyond blood relationships, however, they also need to build a good rapport with their child's special needs doctor.

Children with special needs require constant care and attention because of their condition. It's inevitable that their parents will have to talk and work together with the doctor constantly as well. What must parents do to establish an effective relationship with the doctor?

Building a positive relationship with the child's special needs doctor begins with the very first appointment. Amy Kelly of Philly.Com advises parents to come prepared with questions or concerns so the specialist gets a full grasp of the child's situation.

Aside from the questions, it might be helpful to bring a voice recorder during consultations, Metro Kids advised. This way, the mom or dad can replay the conversations over and over as the little details can make or break the child with special needs' progress.

Communication is very important in the parent-doctor relationship as discussions of diagnosis and assessments regularly take place. Parents must speak up or clarify, especially if they don't understand the terms doctors use. They must not hesitate to raise concerns when this matters to the child's health and well-being.

Kelly also suggested establishing a positive relationship with the doctor's staff as they will be the ones assisting the family. If possible, engage these medical professionals in one or two "test runs" with the child with special needs to see how far adjustments have to be made. Even if the parents think the doctor is a good fit for them, it's more important to ensure the child is comfortable with the specialist, the hospital or clinic staff and the place itself.

Parents, is this situation applicable to you? Do you have any tips for other parents with a child with special needs who are looking for doctors? Sound off in the comments below!

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