Caitlyn Jenner Reveals It's 'Tough' To Parent A Trans Child: Hard But Is It Possible?

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 25, 09:57 am

Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner gets candid regarding his transition during an interview for her recently launched book, "The Secrets of My Life." The 67-year-old father of Kardashian-Jenner kids, Kylie and Kendall, reveals that if his father was still alive, like any other parent, it would be tough for him to accept her gender.

"I do wonder about how my father [would accept his transition]. I think it would have been very difficult for him, just like it would have been difficult for me," she says, as she gives her own daughter, Kendall, as an example during an Associated Press interview. "What if she was trans... and I would [makes fainting sound]... my little angel."

Living a gender that does not conform to society's norm is a hard thing to do for adults, let alone for children. The truth is understanding the complex idea of gender is not easy for anybody because it requires extra patience and understanding, especially for the children who still figure out how things unfold with their gender preference.

It may be hard, just like what Jenner said, but it can be possible. There are different ways in raising happy trans child and acceptance is where it all takes off.

Acceptance is deeply important for both the child and parent's part. Per Los Angeles Times, if children get enough acceptance and support from their family after socially transitioning, chances are they will do quite well.

Children are encouraged to be true to themselves and assess if this is really who he or she is. A parents' role, meanwhile, is to accept the child's decision wholeheartedly, even if it goes against their own preferences.

In a study published in the journal, Pediatrics, results find that parents who brought their kids to fix their gender in clinics had depression and anxiety. In contrast, children who have been accepted after socially transitioning were less likely to suffer mental health disorders.

Earlier data also reveals that gender-aligning efforts are futile if a child is resolute of his or her stance. According to Psychological Science, if the child is firm, then chances are higher that it will continue until adulthood.

Hence, if a child is accepted without any pretense, then the entire transition will flow as seamless as it can. This makes the transition bearable for both the kid and parents.

Check out this video of trans-parents reading affirmations with their kids. In the clip, trans children repeat motivating passages that reflect their parent's love and support.

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