Mom Reveals United Airlines Accussed Her Mexican Husband Of Child Trafficking Because They Don't Look Alike

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 21, 08:54 pm

Weeks after the controversial incident of a man forcibly dragged off an overbooked United Airlines flight, a mother confessed that her family experienced the same maltreatment from the airline company. The mother revealed that the crew accused her Mexican husband of child trafficking because her daughter was fair-skinned and the father was not.

Maurey Furfey, who is of Irish descent, said that her husband Osvaldo Masciel was interrogated after an individual made assumptions that he trafficked his own child. Per 9Honey News, Furfey wrote in a Huffington Post piece that they never thought that the United Airlines crew will take the assumption seriously without verifying the claim first.

Masciel and his three-year-old daughter came from a vacation in his hometown in Mexico when the mother received a call from an airline authority. At first, Furfey said she was extremely worried about what happened to his husband and child.

Much to her shock, however, she was asked to verify if Masciel is related to her daughter because they have suspected him of kidnapping the child. More so, she was appalled to discover that the accusation was not from a CBP, who was trained to identify child trafficking situations but from a mere passenger.

After hours of flight, Border Patrol officers accompanied Masciel and his daughter to get off the plane long before everyone else did. The authorities interrogated the father and asked him pertinent information.

Furfey and her husband filed a complaint before the customer service department. In dispense of the incident, the airline offered a $100 travel voucher, which was useless since they will not be flying with United ever again.

Just recently, another airline caught up in controversy. Air Canada bumped a 10-year-old's scheduled flight as the airline could not guarantee seats for the family of four. Parent Herald reported that the overbooked flight was compensated by the company.

Have you and your family experienced anything similar during flights? Let us know by commenting below!

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