Americans More Interested With Barron Trump Than Donald Trump During U.S. President's First 100 Days

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald May 02, 04:00 am

President Donald Trump might be the most present man on the planet, but people were not concerned about him as much as with his son, Barron Trump. On Donald Trump's first 100 days, an analysis showed that the 11-year-old overthrew his father in terms of interest as he garnered the most number of clicks since the president's inauguration.

Publishing optimization platform, SocialFlow, collected data from the three major social media sites and showed Barron yielded clicks more than any topic that concerned his father. Across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, most people became interested with the Trumps when critics scrutinized the boy for carrying autistic traits.

The articles that defended Barron comprised the most-clicked topic, USA Today said. Meanwhile, most-read articles concerned Barron's right to privacy and it became a part of the top 500 stories during Trump's first 100 days.

CEO of SocialFlow, Jim Anderson, told CBS News that it was encouraging to know that Trump's supporters and critics united interest for the presidential son. Even Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, stood against the assaults.

"At a time when so much seems to divide our country, this is one example of how people from all parts of the spectrum share a common value: keep the children out of it," Anderson said. "And if we can find one common shared value, it's a good bet there are others."

Interestingly, Trump's big stories like his spat with Russia and North Korea fared poorly in terms of clickability. The president's Muslim ban in January, however, made it to the top, following Barron.

Donald's son with Melania Trump first received mockeries that implied his autistic traits during the Republican National Convention in 2016. As previously reported, the youngest Trump appeared restless and walked wobblier than normal during the event.

Barron also clapped erratically, with his hands touching neither each other. The traits, which are common among children with autism spectrum syndrome (ASD), gave rise to the idea that he might be secretly a child of special needs.

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