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Americans More Interested With Barron Trump Than Donald Trump During U.S. President's First 100 Days

Children  2 May '17

Americans More Interested With Barron Trump Than Donald Trump During U.S. President's First 100 Days

Barron Trump yielded more clicks all throughout Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn compared to his father, United States President Donald Trump.

Easter Egg Roll 2017: How Different Was It Compared To Previous Egg Roll Celebrations?

Parenting  18 April '17

Easter Egg Roll 2017: The Difference Between The Current And Previous Egg Roll Celebrations

A custom commonly hosted by the first lady, FLOTUS Melania Trump led this year's Easter Egg Roll, which was held at the White House south lawn.

Melania Trump As A Mom To Barron

Moms  12 April '17

Melania Trump And Motherhood: The First Lady's Parenting Style Explored; How She's Raising Barron Trump

Melania Trump, 46, regards herself as a hands-on mother to Barron, 11. Learn the First Lady's parenting style in this report.

Melania Trump

Education  7 April '17

Melania Trump, Jordan's Queen Rania Visit All-Girls School: What These Two Women Have In Common?

Melania Trump and the Jordanian queen visited an all-girls school in Washington.

Barron Trump Moving To White House

School Age  21 March '17

Barron Trump, Mom Melania Are Moving To The White House; 11-Year-Old Makes Rare Public Appearance

Barron Trump stayed behind in New York to finish his school term and he's moving to the White House in June.

Melania Trump

News  3 March '17

First Lady Melania Trump Reads To Kids At NYC Hospital During National Read Across America Day

First Lady Melania Trump visited an NYC hospital to read books to them during the National Read Across America Day.

President Trump at Liberty Ball in Washington, D. C.

Autism  23 January '17

Special Needs Parent Hopeful First Lady Melania Trump Will Help Curb Bullying

Donald Trump's wife has talked about the value of kindness and respect in one of her speeches and she would like to make this her advocacy.

Barron Trump

Politics  28 November '16

Barron Trump’s Autism: How True Is The Rumor? Here Are Five Things To Know About Donald Trump’s Youngest Son

Barron Trump made headlines in the past week following Rosie O’Donnell’s video speculating that the boy has autism. Here are five things we have discovered about the youngest son of president-elect Donald Trump.

Republican National Convention: Day Four

Education  25 November '16

Barron Trump's School: Parents Not Happy Donald Trump's Son Will Stay At NY Private School; What About Barron's Feelings?

The president-elect's 10-year-old son attends the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, one of New York's elite institutions.

Melania And Son Barron Will Not Move To The White House After Trump's Inauguration

News  24 November '16

Why Melania Trump And Son Barron Will Not Move To The White House After US President-Elect Donald Trump's Inauguration

Melania Trump, together with 10-year old son Barron, have opted to stay at the Trump Tower situated in New York after her husband's inauguration on Jan. 20 next year.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Autism  23 November '16

Difficulties Faced By Barron Trump During Campaign Raise Some Questions On His Possible Autism

Melania and Barron Trump not moving into the White House on the heels of a 'difficult' campaign period for the 10-year-old.

Gigi Hadid Apologized For Melania Trump Impression In 'America Music Awards'

TV/ Movie  22 November '16

'American Music Awards' Co-Host Gigi Hadid Slammed For Melania Trump Impression

"American Music Awards' co-host Gigi Hadid apologised after being bashed but retained that she had edited the script believing that it went too far and what remain in her judgement was done in good humour and with no bad intent.

Gigi Hadid

TV/ Movie  22 November '16

American Music Awards 2016: Did Gigi Hadid Cross The Line In Impersonating Melania Trump? Model Bashed Over Making Fun Of First Lady

Model Gigi Hadid impersonated Melania Trump during this year's American Music Awards.

2016 American Music Awards Night

Dads  21 November '16

AMAs 2016: Gigi Hadid Starts Show With Melania Trump Impression, Victoria Secret Angel's Hosting Trashed?

The decision to have Victoria Secret model Gigi Hadid to host the 2016 American Music Awards did not sit too well with some viewers. Many AMAs viewers slammed Hadid's hosting skills alongside 'SNL's' Jay Pharoah.

Melania Trump Won’t Be As Fashionable As Other FLOTUS? Designers Refusing To Let Her Wear Their Clothes?

Dads  19 November '16

Melania Trump Won’t Be As Fashionable As Other FLOTUS? Designers Refusing To Let Her Wear Their Clothes?

Melania Trump won't be as fashionable as other FLOTUS

Miley Cyrus 'Queen of Shade'

Dads  19 November '16

Miley Cyrus Latest News: 'The Voice' Coach Retweets Melania Trump's Post From 2013, Future USA First Lady Miley Fan?

Miley Cyrus recently tweeted a photo of the future FLOTUS Melanie Trump listening to her "Wrecking Ball" song. The Voice coach was dubbed as the 'Shade Queen'.

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Politics  16 November '16

Melania Trump Depicts Class & Elegance Better Than Michelle Obama? Former First Lady Snubs The Former Model On First Meeting?

What happened during the first meeting of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama?

Donald Trump

Dads  14 November '16

'60 Minutes' Interview Recap: Donald Trump Says Gay Marriage is 'Irrelevant;' But His Views About Cyberbullying Is Still Being Debated?

During the "60 Minutes" interview with Lesly Stahl that Donald Trump spoke about the most pressing concerns in the society today, including abortion, cyberbullying and gay marriage.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Key States During Weekend Ahead Of General Presidential Election

Moms  10 November '16

First Lady Melania Trump: How New FLOTUS Will Be An Asset To A Donald Trump Presidency

She has already expressed what she will be concentrating on when her family moves to the White House in January 2017.

Melania Trump Hits Again With A Plagiarized Speech

Politics  7 November '16

Melania Trump Hits Again With A Plagiarized Speech

Melania Trump’s speech during her husband’s campaign has raised criticisms after reportedly plagiarizing a quote from Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife.

Melania Trump: Did She Really Model Before Getting A US Working Visa?

Politics  6 November '16

Melania Trump: Did She Really Model Before Getting A US Working Visa?

Melania Trump had been alleged to have worked as a model for some projects even before she acquired a working visa.

Melania Trump

Dads  18 October '16

Melania Trump Says Donald Trump-Billy Bush 2005 Conversation Was Just 'Boy Talk,' Women Claiming They Were Sexually Assaulted Are Lying

Melania Trump was recently interviewed and she said that the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush was just boy talk and the accusers of her husband are liars.

Melania Trump And Donald Trump At the Convention

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  11 October '16

Donald Trump Latest News: Melania Divorcing Her Presidential Candidate Husband After Trump Tapes Expose?

Has Melania, wife of Donald Trump, had enough of antics by The Donald? Is the US Presidential candidate's wife filing for divorce? Read more.

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