Melania Trump And Motherhood: The First Lady's Parenting Style Explored; How She's Raising Barron Trump

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 12, 04:00 am

Despite her designation as America's First Lady, Melania Trump's main focus is her only son Barron Trump, 11. She embraces motherhood more than anything but some might wonder how she's raising her son amid their extra-ordinary lifestyle.

Before Donald Trump became the most powerful man in the world, he was a business tycoon. Even then, Melania already kept a low profile. The former model aimed to be a hands-on mom away from the spotlight.

Melania taught Barron the French language and her native Slovenian as a toddler, as per People. In fact, Barron grew up fluent in Slovenian and it's the language he now uses to speak to the family on his mom's side, as per GQ.

Melania fostered her son's creativity and allowed Barron to draw on walls at their million-dollar home. She said they can always paint over the mess but a child's creativity needs to be nurtured. "If you say to a child no, no, no, where does the creativity go?" the mom said, as per Parenting.

Melania's biggest parenting tactic is to listen. She doesn't regard herself as a pushy mom who insists on what she wants for her son.

She also acknowledged children should be given room to make mistakes. "When they do, they will learn how to pick themselves up on their own when you aren't around," Melania said, as per 9Honey.

Recently, the press spotted Melania and Barron spending a mother-son date one afternoon at a New York bowling alley. Melania reportedly picked up Barron from his school before heading to the venue, where the president's other daughter, Tiffany, later joined them, Daily Mail reported.

As the son of a high-profile person, Barron would never be immune to online bullying. His mother, however, vowed to make anti-bullying as her advocacy as the First Lady but Mother Jones noted Melania has yet to announce concrete plans in relation to this.

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