Melania Trump, Jordan's Queen Rania Visit All-Girls School: What These Two Women Have In Common?

First Lady Melania Trump met with Jordan's Queen Rania and the two women went to an all-girls school in Washington. The two women both believed education is a major necessity in a child's life.

Reports confirmed the school they visited as Excel Academy located at a disadvantaged area in Washington. Excel Academy marked the only public charter school for girls in the area and it caters to children from pre-kindergarten until the eighth grade.

During the visit, both women participated in a listening session wherein a panel took questions from the Queen and the First Lady. At one point, Queen Rania asked a parent and asked the CEO of the school about their mission related to preparing children to have life skills. The CEO of Excel Academy, Deborah Lockhart, told Queen Rania and the First Lady that they believed educating a girl means educating the girl's family and the whole community, CNN reported.

The school does not focus on academic activities but they also teach girls extracurricular and social activities. Special needs programs are also part of their curriculum.

It seemed that the First Lady and Queen Rania had a lot in common since education has been their priority. For Queen Rania, she launched a number of programs and foundations related to education.

These include the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development, Queen Rania Teacher Academy, Jordan River Foundation and Madrasti. Her initiatives centered on child safety and community empowerment as well as connecting individuals to private companies and organizations for educational support especially those in the public schools.

As for Melania, just like her husband Donald Trump, she and the administration wanted to focus on school choice. She also expressed during her all-girls school visit that empowering women and girls is important.

During the campaign of the now-president Donald, the First Lady expressed that she wanted to focus on women's and children's issues as well as cyberbullying. She also talked about Excel Academy in a written statement after the tour and noted that it is an exceptional example of preparing women to succeed in a global community and overcome gender bias, Time shared.

The president and Queen Rania's husband, King Abdulla II had meetings at the White House while their wives visited the all-girls school. Queen Rania's visit with Melania marked the fourth stint she spent time with a First Lady.

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