American Music Awards 2016: Did Gigi Hadid Cross The Line In Impersonating Melania Trump? Model Bashed Over Making Fun Of First Lady

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald November 22, 04:05 am

Many notable things took place during this year's American Music Awards such as Selena Gomez's powerful speech, Chrissy Teigen's expletive comments regarding the elections, and Green Day's performance. However, what is one of the most talked about from the s2016 AMAs is Gigi Hadid's impersonation of soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump.

The model co-hosted the 2016 AMAs with comedian Jay Pharoah and during the opening of the 2016 AMAs, Gigi Hadid talked about working on her impressions. She then tried her best to mimic Melania Trump, which is taking a jab at the rumored plagiarized convention speech during the Republican National Convention back in July after some parts of her speech was said to be taken from one of the speeches given by Michelle Obama.

Gigi Hadid said, "I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children, Sasha and Malia." The audience was laughing at the impersonation of Gigi Hadid but this did not sit well with some of the Twitter users. One user who has the Twitter handle @liamhulmes said that he does not get why Gigi Hadid went in on Melania Trump and that it was done without class. The Twitter user suggested that Gigi Hadid should have made fun of Donald Trump and not his wife, CNN reported.

Another Twitter user wrote, "@GiGiHadid You have ZERO class!! How dare you "mock" Melania Trump when your own PARENTS are immigrants!! Talk about a hypocrite!" One more said that no one made fun of Michelle Obama like Gigi Hadid did to Melania Trump, US Weekly reported. Gigi Hadid has not responded to the negative comments about her impression.

After the impression of Gigi Hadid of Melania Trump, former "Saturday Night Live" cast Jay Pharoah poked fun at president-elect Donald Trump. Jay Pharoah impersonated Donald Trump in the past on "SNL" and said during the 2016 AMAs as Donald Trump that he loves Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" because the real title is actually "Uptown Trump." Jay Pharoah, still as Donald Trump, added, "I'm going to funk this country up bigly," which in turn made the audience laugh again.

Donald Trump has not yet commented on the impressions during this year's American Music Awards.

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