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First, The Healthy Lunches Then The Girls' Education? Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Education  5 May '17

Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Following the news that the Trump administration would dissolve "Let Girls Learn" campaign, former First Lady Michelle Obama said that she and his husband will continue to champion girls' education.

Michelle Obama Spills Her Daughters Last Days At White House

Moms  3 May '17

Mom Michelle Obama Spills Malia And Sasha Had A Sleepover On Their Final Night At White House

The Obama daughters had a typically teenage send-off party on their last night at their home for eight years.

Childhood obesity

Children  2 May '17

Trump Official Cancels Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Plan On Fighting Childhood Obesity

Former First Lady Michelle Obama fought childhood obesity by changing the menu of school lunches but that was canceled by a Trump official.

Beyonce Formation Scholarship

Parenting  27 April '17

Beyoncé's Formation Scholarship: 4 Female Students To Receive Free College Education; Michelle Obama Commends Beyoncé

Beyoncé launched her Formation Scholarship on Monday, April 24. She will pick four female students as beneficiaries.

School Lunch Program Poised For Policy Changes

Health/Nutrition  21 March '17

School Lunch Lobbyist Pushes For Flexible Nutrition Standards; Will This Scrap Michelle Obama's Initiative?

The School Nutrition Association wants more salt, less whole grain in students' school lunches, which will go against Michelle Obama's healthy food program.

Michelle Obama Wrote Yara Shahidi's College Recommendation

Education  13 March '17

Michelle Obama Writes College Recommendation Letter For 'Black-ish' Star Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi applied at Harvard, Michelle Obama's alma mater, as well as other top universities in both the east and west coast.

Michelle Obama Delivers Final Speech At The White House

School  9 January '17

Michelle Obama's Final Message As First Lady To Young Americans Stresses On 'Good Education'

She delivered her speech at a White House event in front of school counselors whom she calls heroes.

Michelle Obama Addresses White House's Veterans Homelessness Summit

Health/Nutrition  5 December '16

This Doctor Just Referred Former First Lady Michelle Obama A Monkey Got Suspended From Her Job

Learn about this doctor who just called Michelle Obama a monkey.

Gigi Hadid Apologized For Melania Trump Impression In 'America Music Awards'

TV/ Movie  22 November '16

'American Music Awards' Co-Host Gigi Hadid Slammed For Melania Trump Impression

"American Music Awards' co-host Gigi Hadid apologised after being bashed but retained that she had edited the script believing that it went too far and what remain in her judgement was done in good humour and with no bad intent.

Gigi Hadid

TV/ Movie  22 November '16

American Music Awards 2016: Did Gigi Hadid Cross The Line In Impersonating Melania Trump? Model Bashed Over Making Fun Of First Lady

Model Gigi Hadid impersonated Melania Trump during this year's American Music Awards.

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama

Politics  16 November '16

Melania Trump Depicts Class & Elegance Better Than Michelle Obama? Former First Lady Snubs The Former Model On First Meeting?

What happened during the first meeting of Melania Trump and Michelle Obama?

'Beyonce' Cries With Blue Ivy Over Trump's - Wants Michelle Obama For President In 2020,

Dads  14 November '16

Beyonce Fears For Blue Ivy After Donald Trump's Victory; Wants Michelle Obama As President In 2020?

Beyonce cries while holding daughter Blue Ivy after Donald Trump won as the new U.S. President. Is she planning a Michelle Obama for president campaign in 2020?

Why The Former First Lady of US Prioritizes Health

Health/Nutrition  13 November '16

Michelle Obama: Put Health and Wellness First

First Lady of the United Nations, Michelle Obama, shared some of her wellness philosophy to live by and hoped to pass it to her daughters and the nation. This will surely make her go down history.

President Obama And First Lady Host Halloween Event At The White House

Moms  7 November '16

2016 US Elections: Michelle Obama's Legacy On Health, Girls' Education & Family; Is Presidency Next?

The First Lady and her family will have to vacate the White House come January 2017.

Barack Obama

Dads  21 October '16

Barack Obama Biopic News And Updates: Discover Young Barack Before He Becomes The First U.S. Black President

A biopic titled "Barry" based on Barack Obama's young self has been created by Netflix.

Glamour Hosts 'A Brighter Future: A Global Conversation on Girls' Education' With First Lady Michelle Obam

School  13 October '16

Michelle Obama Tells Girls To Give Education Importance As It's The 'Ultimate Confidence Booster'

Unaffected by discouragement when she was still a student, the First Lady studied even harder so she can become successful.

First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts Event For Spouses Of Government Leaders During UN General Assembly

School  21 September '16

Michelle Obama Hosts Broadway Concert To Push For Girls’ Education Across The World

Michelle Obama's Broadway event aims to help girls attend school and advance their education levels. There are 62 million girls around the world who do not attend school.

First Family Attends National Christmas Tree

Teens/Young Adults  15 September '16

Michelle Obama Discusses Her Teen Girls: Malia & Sasha 'Will Have A Tough Time' In White House Move Out

The Obama daughters were only little kids when they first set foot in their home for eight years -- the White House.

Democratic National Convention: Day One

News  27 July '16

Michelle Obama Argues Against Donald Trump Using The Mommy Card; First Lady Wins!

The president's better half appealed to parents in enumerating why she has Hillary Clinton's support.

First Lady Michelle Obama Holds Event At White House With College-Bound Students

TV/ Movie  20 July '16

‘The Late Late Show:’ Carpool Karaoke Goes To White House. First Lady and James Corden go “La La La”

James Corden of ‘The Late Late Show’ and Michelle Obama sing their hearts out. “The Late Late Show” carpools and go on a karaoke route

Republican National Convention: Day One

News  20 July '16

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Parts of her Speech from Michelle Obama's Convention Address in 2008? Campaign Team Says no, Calls Accusations Absurd

Melania Trump's convention speech was reportedly patterned from Michelle Obama's convention address back in 2008 resulting to the GOP possible First Lady receiving backlash.

MIchelle Obama and Queen Letizia of Spain Attend 'Lets Girls Learn'

School  8 July '16

Michelle Obama: How The First Lady Boosted Students' Test Scores And Grades In This All-Girls School

The First Lady's visit to the school in 2009 has made a lasting and beneficial impact to the students.

Michelle Obama Hosts White House Turnaround Arts Talent Show

Music.Art.STEM  3 June '16

First Lady Michelle Obama's Turnaround Arts Program To Expand In Schools Even As She Leaves White House

The Obamas will leave the White House in 2017 as Pres. Barack Obama's term ends.

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