Watch This Michigan Boy Pee During His Parents' Marriage Proposal

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 15, 01:36 am

Marriage proposals are not supposed to be hilarious but this is exactly what happened when Kevin Przytula proposed to his girlfriend Allyssa Anter and decided to include her son in the occasion.

The Proposal

Przytula of Bay City, Michigan thought that it would be meaningful to have his girlfriend's young son around when he popped the question. He had pictured getting down on one knee and Anter's son Owen would be there to witness his proposal.

However, the toddler not only missed out on seeing his future father propose to his mom. He also stole the show when he decided to do his business right there-and-then without the couple's permission. Przytula's 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh caught the hilarious moment on camera and the video now has 253,000 views on YouTube.

Show Stealer

The video starts with the 33-year-old Przytula reaching out for the ring in his back pocket and dropping down to one knee. Anter can be heard asking "Are you serious?" when she sees him get down to propose. All the while as Przytula continues with his marriage proposal, Owen decides to just pull his pants down and pee right behind the couple. He peed in front of Bay City's Ring of Friendship sculpture in Wenonah Park.

The newly engaged Przytula and Anter continued with their blissful moment completely unaware of what is happening behind them. Kayleigh saw Owen urinate and viewers can hear her laugh while his dad and his future mother sealed their engagement with a kiss. It was only when she motioned for them to look behind that they saw Owen butt-naked.

"He stole the show for sure," Anter said of her 3-year-old son.

Anter said that this was not the first time that her son urinated in public. He also did it in various other places including the parking lot or at their yard. The 27-year-old sociology student at Saginaw Valley State University said that she has been potty training her son for a month, but she still has to teach him not to pee in public.

"He pees outside at home sometimes in the yard, and we went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there. He just does it without telling anybody, he just pulls his pants down and goes," Anter explained.

The video received 56,000 views when it was first posted on Facebook but the couple had to take it down because of complaints. They shared the clip on YouTube but blurred out the toddler's bottom.

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