Potty Training Mistake? Mom Lets Toddler Use Potty In The Middle Of Pub; Upset Parents Discuss Toilet Etiquette

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 14, 04:00 am

A mother made her toddler use the potty right in the middle of a busy British pub Saturday. A diner who witnessed this shared what happened in a parenting community online. It sparked a discussion on potty training mistakes and toilet etiquette.

The diner shared the story on Mumsnet. The diner wrote the toddler's parents potty trained right by their table as other guests were also eating.

Was what the mom did acceptable? Has she no consideration for her child's dignity?

Parents who read the account of what happened branded the act as disgusting and repulsive. "Why not take the potty to the toilet and put the child there, they are learning to use the toilet, so parents should do that?" one parent asked, according to Daily Mirror.

Some parents wondered why the pub manager didn't talk to the parents or why the diner didn't do it herself. "I'm not sure I would have changed their behavior anyway," the diner said. "If you're so oblivious, entitled and socially inept you'll go ahead anyway," she added.

The potty training incident sparked a discussion among parents on Manchester Family. Most of the commenters said potty training should always be done in the bathroom. Part of the training is to guide the toddler to understand toilet etiquette. "Certain things shouldn't be OK for others to watch," one mom said.

If parents bring the potty with them, then they must plan ahead for potty breaks and be familiar about public toilets or ask the establishment's staff about it ahead of time. Part of training toddlers to use the potty is to let them hold it in until they come to an appropriate spot, such as a public bathroom.

"There are lots of teachable moments around proper behavior in public washrooms," early childhood educator Kristy Simons said, per Today's Parent. "Waiting in line is a great opportunity to model the concept of patience for children old enough to grasp it."

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