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Poop-Themed Birthday Party

Children  12 April '17

Toddler Asks For A Poop-Themed Birthday Party And Her Parents Give Her One

Audrey, 3, wanted poop cakes and poop balloons and her mom Rebecca prepared a most fun poop-themed birthday party.

YMCA Kindergarten In Jerusalem

Early Learning  5 April '17

Two-Year-Old Toddler Defies Racism With Doll Choice

Sophia was questioned by a Target employee as she chooses a doll that does not look like her.

Ryu Pena

Toddler  21 March '17

Four-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Dies From Strangulation At A Thrift's Store Changing Room

A four-year-old boy died from accidental strangulation.

Mom Potty Trains Toddle In Busy Restaurant

Toddler  14 March '17

Potty Training Mistake? Mom Lets Toddler Use Potty In The Middle Of Pub; Upset Parents Discuss Toilet Etiquette

Training a child to use the potty is a huge and important task for parents. Don't make the mistake one parent did.


Toddler  11 March '17

Toddler Tells His Terminally Ill Infant Brother 'Everything Is OK'; Touching Post Goes Viral

A mother-of-two caught her two boys sharing a precious moment and posted it on Instagram, which went viral after.

Princess Charlotte A Total Boss

Toddler  11 March '17

Kate Middleton Says Princess Charlotte Is The Boss; Toddler Has Meltdown In Front Of Queen Elizabeth II

Toddlers have such personalities, don't they? Princess Charlotte is already showing hers and one toddler also expressed his when he met Queen Elizabeth II.

Casey Anthony

Toddler  8 March '17

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence, Says She's Unsure What Happened To 2-Year-Old After Murder Allegations Acquittal

Casey Anthony, the mother of a two-year-old who died years ago, recently released new statements in her first ever interview regarding the issue.

Daisy Lynne Torres' parents

Toddler  3 March '17

Toddler Dies Of Dental Procedure; Parents Claim It Was Unneeded, A Money-Making Scheme

A 14-month-old girl died after a dental procedure.

Daycare Stress In Children

Health  1 March '17

Toddlers, Babies Spending Long Hours In Daycare Could Be Stressed, Study Says

Working parents send their kids to daycare for practical reasons but researchers have new evidence this could be taking a toll on them.

Suspect in Lefkow Murders Commits Suicide

Toddler  6 February '17

Toddler Found Wandering At Night At Northeast Austin Road, Mother Arrested And Charged

Police are filing a case of child abandonment against 27-year-old Jessica Espinosa.

Islamic State

Toddler  10 January '17

New Islamic State Video Emerges Showing Toddler Killing Prisoner In An Abandoned Playground

A new video was released by the Islamic State (IS) showing a toddler holding a gun and killing a prisoner.

Felicia Barahona

Family Life  29 December '16

Mother And Son Found Dead In NY Apartment; Dad Accused Of Strangling Son To Death After Seeing Crime Scene

A mother and her son were killed on Dec. 22, and the father of the child was suspected of killing them.

Fun Tips For Fuzzy Eaters

Health  28 December '16

Toddler Food Hacks: Effective Ways To Feed A Fuzzy Eater

Read on and learn a few tips on how to feed a fuzzy toddler.

3-Year-Old Killed In Arkansas Road Rage Shooting

Health/Nutrition  24 December '16

A New Wave Of Horror Took Toll After Child Was Shot Dead In Car

Police say they’ve captured the man accused of shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy during an apparent road rage case in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Nicole Carmon

Toddler  20 December '16

Chilling Discovery: Mother Left Toddler Son In Frozen Car For Seven Hours After Getting Into A Wreck

A mother is accused of leaving her child inside a frozen car for seven hours after she got into an accident.

Oren Aharon Cohen

Toddler  19 December '16

Stranger Found In The Living Room Of A Home Holding Toddler, Father Awakened By Child's Cries; Man Says He Was Extremely Drunk

A stranger was found holding a toddler inside a home and the child's father was able to discover it because he was awakened by the cries of his child.

Can't Keep Up With Your Toddler And Now A Baby? Relax

Gear  9 December '16

Can't Keep Up With Your Toddler And Now A Baby? Relax

Being a mom with a toddler is quite challenging especially between the ages 1-3. Having another baby adds up to the demanding job. What's the best way for a breezy day?

Pre-School Sweethearts Get Engaged Live on The View

Toddler  26 November '16

This Couple First Met When They Were Toddlers And Lost Communication After That; See What Happens After 30 Years

This couple's love story will inspire you and would make you hope and believe in love again.

Mom of Girl Stricken With Severe Case of Herpes Says Daughter Finally Recovering

Toddler  25 November '16

Toddler Takes Months To Recover After Getting Eaten Alive By Herpes Through An Infected Relative

An adorable toddler who looked like she was being eaten alive by a skin infection has recovered to her bubbly self.

Teacher Surprised With $10,000 As A Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award Winner

Development  24 November '16

Toddler Tantrums: A Test Of Patience? Here's How Parents Can Best Manage Through The Outbursts

In the same way that this is a phase in children, parents can also go through the different stages of dealing with the drama. Don't worry, it's all temporary!

Day-care owner hangs toddler and goes on a rampage

Health  23 November '16

Day-care owner hangs toddler then goes on a rampage

Police and residents of Minneapolis got rattled when a disturbed day-care owner hanged a toddler and the went on a rampage all over Minneapolis.

Attorney for 'Runaway Bride' Jennifer Wilbanks Holds News Conference

Toddler  21 November '16

Daycare Owner Hangs Toddler: Nataliia Karia Flees Scene, Gets Arrested As 16-Month-Old Baby Survives

The boy is expected to recover and the police is still pursuing their investigation on the perpetrator who is already in jail.

New York City Prepares For Visit Of Pope Francis

School  21 November '16

Is Your Toddler Missing Out On Sleep? Here's What You Need To Do

Toddlers still don’t have mature body clocks, which means that biologically their sleep is different to an adults and usually much more disturbed.

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