Children's Book 'Prince & Knight' Aims To Represent Kids With LGBTQ+ Parents And Their Families

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 29, 07:51 am

GLAAD is collaborating with Bonnier Publishing USA for a series of children's picture books aimed at integrating LGBTQ representation in children's literature with the release of Prince & Knight, among other books.

LGBTQ Awareness

The partnership aims to advance positive representation of LGBTQ lives, stories, and experiences at every stage of people's lives. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD president and CEO, explains that the goal is to make children become aware of the LGBTQ community at an early age through books. This way, they learn to accept, understand, and eventually show kindness to members of the community.

"It's so important that my two kids and others like them see their families reflected in the media," Ellis says in a joint statement.

The collaboration intends to release at least four new queer-inclusive works across formats and genres each year for young people up to the age of 14. Shimul Tolia, CEO of Bonnier Publishing USA, acknowledges the publisher's responsibility to release "meaningful, socially conscience books for every reader."

Prince & Knight

Prince & Knight from author Daniel Haack is the first of the 2018 titles that represent the LGBTQ community. The picture book tells the story of a prince who struggles to find a bride. He eventually finds his happily ever after not from a beautiful maiden but rather from a knight in shining armor.

Prince & Knight features colorful illustrations by Stevie Lewis and is already available in the market. It was released on May 1.

"Kids deserve to see their own lives and their families represented. I thought it'd be cool to take these classic fairy tale tropes of Prince Charming and the knight in shining armor and tell a story in which not only do they save the day, but they find true love in each other, too," Haack tells Huffington Post.

Haack has so far received positive reviews on his book even those coming from straight families. The first-time author hopes that his book gives readers the understanding that LGBTQ people are just as capable of being heroes who are deserving to be loved and to fall in love.

Other books in the collaboration aside from Prince & Knight, include Jack (Not Jackie), which hits shelves in October. The book tells the story of a character named Susan, whose sister identifies herself as "Jack" instead of "Jackie."

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