Want To Make Family Game Nights Fun Again? Here Are Some Board Games To Consider

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 14, 09:51 am

Families often bring out the classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble when it comes to family game nights, although there are more amazing and fun games to try other than these big-name titles.

Families now have a variety of board games to choose from. Gone are the days of playing Scrabble, Boggle, or Snakes and Ladders, since the games nowadays are catered to the advanced thinking of children and adults. The games are more challenging, interesting, intriguing, and more creative.

Family game nights need not have to be boring and monotonous now that there are several fun board games available in the market. Below are three of the best games that all family members can play and enjoy together.

Googly Eyes Board Game

As the name suggests, this game requires the use of specific glasses that make the eyes googly. The vision-altering glasses makes the game hilarious and challenging at the same time.

The instructions are very easy to follow. Just like charades, the Googly Eyes board game lets a player roll a dice to determine which glasses to wear. The lenses range from mildly altering to one that seriously messes with the eyes. The player then draws an image from the card, and if the team guesses correctly, the player proceeds with another image. The challenge is to draw an image that the team can guess correctly under time constraint. The first team to the finish line wins.

The Googly Eyes Board Game can be played by children ages 7 and up and even adults, and 4 to 16 players can participate at a time. The game is available at Target for $17.99.


In Operation, players assume the role of a surgeon and operate on poor Cavity Sam's body. The goal is to remove every item on his body, from a butterfly to a pencil, with a pair of measly tweezers. This may seem like an easy task.

However, the challenge is that players must avoid hitting Sam's sensitive spots or else they get electrocuted. Children and adults can participate in the game. This will definitely be a challenge for those who have shaky hands. Operation is available on Amazon for $15.


Hasbro's Perfection is no child's play. The game requires players to place specific geometric shapes to their slots at a specific time. If the time runs out, the piece pops up into the air, which will make for a fun surprise. Amazon sells the board game for $17.

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