It's The Last Day Of School, And Teachers Are Celebrating On Twitter

Teachers are rejoicing that summer is here since it means months of well-deserved break from school and they are sharing their excitement on social media.

Summer Is Here

Summer is the most magical time of the year for educators as it is for their students. It means time away from lesson plans and from waking up early to make it in time for school. Summer is a welcome reprieve for teachers. It gives them time to rest and go on a vacation for a change of scenery.

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers from all over the country have taken to Twitter to express their excitement for summer in any way they can. They dug up their favorite memes, GIFS, videos, and photos, to share how they really feel about saying goodbye to schoolwork and paperwork.

Bye Bye School

One teacher is simply happy that she can go back to doing what she loves to do, which is reading. She plans to read the day away.

Another Twitter user shared a photo of a shirt printed with "Goodbye lesson plan, hello sun tan."

Another teacher jams to Alice Cooper's "School Out"

Meanwhile, one educator shares her anticipation to receive a gift from the parents. One teacher got a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey. A photo of the teacher's student is taped to the back of the bottle.

Teachers are really looking forward to spending two months of relaxation and away from classroom duty. Whatever plans they have for the summer, these educators are simply just excited to sit back and relax. 

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