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It's The Last Day Of School, And Teachers Are Celebrating On Twitter

School  2 July '18

It's The Last Day Of School, And Teachers Are Celebrating On Twitter

Teachers are excited for the end of the school year and the start of summer. They shared their favorite memes, videos, and photos, to express their anticipation to go on a two-month rest from classroom duty.

Duarte Unified School District and VH1 Save The Music Host All-District Band Showcase

Parenting  13 April '17

Having An African-American Teacher Can Significantly Decrease Drop Out Rates Among Black Students

Researchers reveal that having a same race teacher can keep kids in school.

Teachers' Dilemma On President Donald Trump

School  14 March '17

Educators Facing Dilemma In Teaching Trump's Politics To Students; What's Allowed And Not Allowed?

Teachers are unsure of how to handle social issues and lessons on current events around Trump without offending students, parents, school administrators or the community.

Dogs Will Outnumber Children In 10 Years

Family Life  19 February '17

Dogs Vs. Kids: Dog Walkers To Outnumber Demand For Teachers In 10 Years; More Parents Raising Pets Than Children, Says Study

San Francisco locals are already feeling the big gap as fewer kids are seen in the neighborhood or communities.

What Teachers Need To Understand About Children With Anxiety

Behavior  25 November '16

What Teachers Need To Understand About Children With Anxiety

Anxiety itself is a big obstacle to hurdle for adults, how much more children who barely know what's happening to them.

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Springfield, Ohio

School  23 November '16

Political Influences On Children: How Far Could Parents And Teachers Go?

K-12 teachers are ignoring ethics and common courtesy to repudiate Donald Trump to students following his 2016 U.S. Presidential election victory.

Homeless Family Placed In Hotel After Eviction

Homeschooling  21 November '16

Why Homeschooling Is A Viable Option When Conventional Schooling Fails To Work

More parents are now choosing to homeschool instead of sending their children to public or private schools.

Why Teacher Education Programs Should Be Revised In US?

K-12 Reform  14 October '16

Why Teacher Education Programs Should Be Revised In US

Teacher Education Programs should be revised to make aspiring great educators of tomorrow.

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

School  5 October '16

Former U.S. Secretary Of Education On Teachers Training Program: Standards Compromised?

Arne Duncan expresses his concern on the situation regarding the teacher training programs in the country through an open letter addressed to America’s college presidents and education school deans.

Juicy Drop and WWE Superstar Santino Marella Dare Kids to Test Their Limits at Dylan's Candy Bar July 2nd Benefitting Champions Against Bullying

Health/Nutrition  21 September '16

Punishment Will Not Help Stop Bullying

Parents must know that punishment does not stop bullying.

 Detroit Teachers Hold Walk Out For Second Day

School  24 August '16

Supreme Court: Detroit Teachers Who Staged "Sick-Out" Protests Did Not Violate Any Law

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Detroit Public School teachers and freed them of any charges, saying that their sick-out protests were a practice of their fundamental right to freedom of speech.

Sex Education: Is it Still Applicable Now In The Digital Age?

School  13 July '16

Sex Education: Is it Still Applicable Now In The Digital Age? Survey says

According to a survey sex education is not applicable for a younger generation of today's world and age. Experts believed that despite of this findings sex education needs to have a part in school curriculum to help the young ones avoid sexual bullying and harassment.

Kindergardners Participate In National Pledge of Allegiance

School  10 July '16

Are Early Childhood Educators "Shortchanged?" New Research Seems to Think So

Early childhood educators seemingly get the lowest avergae salary compared to how difficult their job actually is.

Bronx School Stands Out

School  4 July '16

Kids Who Do Not Perform Well in School Are Not Entirely the Teachers' Fault, Here's Why

It is wrong to shift most of the blame on the teachers when a child is not performing well in school.

Arab And Jewish Children Study Together In Israeli School

Education  23 June '16

Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes: Boys And Girls Are Treated In The Classroom Differently

A recent stuy showed that the way teachers approach boys and girls in the classroom are partly to be blamed for reinforcing gender stereotypes and widening the difference of education boys and girls receive.


School  10 June '16

Who Says Minecraft is bad for Kids? Microsoft Gives Teachers Free Trial of Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition will be tested by teachers over the summer as Microsoft gave teachers access to free trial.

Kindergardners Participate In National Pledge of Allegiance

Development  9 May '16

Parenting Tips: 5 Insights Coming From Kindergarten Teachers That Would Change The Way You Approach Kids

Ever find it hard to deal with five or six-year-olds? Here's your chance to know how you could approach them.

Monolingual Hispanic Students Learn English

School  25 April '16

Teachers Exchange Language and Culture Through The Visiting International Faculty Program

The Visiting International Faculty (VIF) program helps fill in the gap of much-needed English language teachers as well as help teachers gain experience of world cultures.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Experts Say  18 April '16

How Teachers Can Help Students Prepare For Mentally Stressful Exams

Here are a few tips on how teachers can help their students prepare for stressful exams.

President Obama Announces John King Jr. As Education Secretary During News Conference

School  16 April '16

Education Secretary John B. King Jr. Plans To Restore Multifaceted Learning In US Curriculum

Education Secretary John B. King Jr. believes the new federal education law would bring back holistic learning in U.S. schools. The new law also reduces the amount standardized tests students take in a year.

LA Teachers Protest Proposed Layoffs

School  15 April '16

New Multi-Billion Dollar Education Budget Affords Significant Raise To Alabama Teachers

Alabama teachers will be getting a bump in pay as part of the state's new $6.3 billion education budget.

Hearing Impaired Foundation of Afghanistan School

Allergies  11 April '16

Special Needs Teacher Proposes Reality TV Programs To Make Education Mainstream

Malaysian educator Eileen Soon wants to star in a reality TV show showcasing teachers dealing with different learning challenges. Soon said such a program would make education a mainstream issue.

Drive, Chip and Putt Championship At Augusta National Golf Club

School  5 April '16

In Switzerland, Male Muslim Students Will No Longer Need To Shake Hands With Their Female Teachers

Education authorities made a decision that Muslim students will not involve themselves in shaking hands their female teachers in northern Switzerland.

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