Homeschooling: The Best Way to Educate Kids During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The closure of schools due to the novel coronavirus outbreak is opening doors to parents to homeschool their children. Caregivers across the globe have no choice but to provide schooling at home. 

The change is overwhelming. Everyone knows how much the spread of the virus has affected the education of students since the start of the year. However, there is no other way to protect your children from the virus but to limit their contact from the outside world. 

Understanding the Difference Between Homeschool and Traditional School 

The problem with homeschool is that it differs a lot from traditional schooling. Children who are used to the typical schooling style tend to lose focus when the setting is at home. 

Professionalism is not present when lessons are discussed as compared to normal schooling. Also, since the government imposes on minimizing socialization, students will have a hard time getting along with their peers. 

Staff developer for The Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University in New York, Kimberly Fox, said that parents are better off adjusting to the new system that the government offers. 

She also said that parents do not have to be doing just like how schools do it. What matters is that no time is wasted in the current condition, and to make the kids feel at ease. 

Homeschooling: The Best Way to Educate Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak
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How do you create a studying environment at home to replicate going to school?

Decision Making 

A lot of schools are using different learning platforms to allow the continuation of the kids' learning amidst not seeing them in a classroom setting. This way, they can send homework online that they have to complete in a given deadline. 

Apart from these, parents should allow their kids to choose what additional lessons they would want to learn. 

Set A Schedule

If the topics are already chosen, it is time to make a schedule and post it where it can be seen. Most children follow a certain schedule when in class, so making a plan similar to how they used to do things could help them with the adjustment.

According to a homeschooling parent, it would be also helpful for the kids if the family would let them get used to a pattern that works for them. 

Parents should allow their children to learn and do house chores and assign family projects that they can enjoy and let them stick to doing it every day until it becomes a habit. 

Educational games are very helpful during these times. Project-based learning is also good to teach kids about life. An example would be a step-by-step guide on how to cook their favorite dish. 

Acknowledge Differences in Learning Curve

Different kids have different learning curves. Even identical twins differ in a lot of things. 

Understand that not all would fit into the same schedule. Kids would appreciate it if people that they trust, inclluding you as a parent, would adjust to their needs. 

Give Them Breaks

Everyone needs a break from everythhing. Even adults would want a break during work.

Allow the kids to play or give them time to do their hobbies so that they would not get burned out. They will be in good shape again once they return to studying again.

Homeschooling: The Best Way to Educate Kids During Coronavirus Outbreak
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Allow kids to have breaks in between study to prevent burn out.

Downtime Teaches Independence

Downtime is the time wherein kids get to work on their assignments alone and quietly; this time teaches them independence. 
By allowing kids to have their "me" time, you are giving them a chance to breathe to explore and hone their skills. 

Enhance Their Right Brain

Right-brained people excel in the arts. Help your kids get creative by allowing them to enjoy crafting. There are many simple everyday things at home that can be used to enhance their creativity.

You may use paper clips, buttons, ribbons, old newspapers, brown bags, and so on. These supposedly "garbage" can be put into good use before instead of throwing them away, and let your children's creativity run wild. 

Know Your Limits

Not only are children being forced to the big adjustments in their educational life, but adults are also being affected. Many parents are struggling to have a work-life balance due to the many responsibilities that they must handle, and homeschooling is adding up to their list. 

It does not matter how you do it. At the end of the day, all parents are doing their best to help their children live their life to the fullest. 

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