Experts Warn Parents on the Effects of Delays on Childhood Vaccinations

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are now warning parents that outbreaks could be next if there are continued delays on the vaccinations of children. The coronavirus is taking away lives and continues to bring fear, uncertainty, and anxiety to parents or people in general.

Along with the question if there is an available vaccine for COVID-19 or when there will be an available one, parents are also asking if their kids should still get routine vaccines.

Is there a Coronavirus Vaccine?

According to one of the bulletins of Unicef released last April 23, there still is no available vaccine or treatments for COVID-19. There have been different innovative approaches that are being used to develop the vaccine. Also, according to Unicef, if a vaccine will be discovered at this point, it will be the fastest vaccine development in history.

Disrupted Vaccinations

While scientists are still on their research to discover a vaccine, experts remind parents to keep kids' vaccinations up to date.

According to Leila Iravani, a pediatrician in Costa Mesa California, based on her experience, up to sixty percent of those who missed their appointments, since the beginning of the pandemic, was all set for vaccinations. 

Although other healthcare providers have not yet experienced a sudden drop in the number of children being vaccinated during the pandemic, some have noted that there are patients who choose not to get their vaccination due to the fear of being infected.

The possible effect of the disrupted vaccinations

There are some preventable diseases through vaccinations. So, if immunizations are not properly given to children, this will lead to an increased number of people or children who could be easily affected by diseases like measles.

According to experts, the short-term delays, to an extent may lead to outbreaks. In the estimate of the pediatrician Iravani, this could be foreseen happening in the next six months.

What should parents do?

Experts say that parents should constantly check with their health providers if the immunization services are still running. Health providers have been changing schedules or protocols because of COVID-19. And if the parents will arrive at the healthcare facility without a prior appointment, they may risk being exposed to the coronavirus.

Pediatricians are also being very careful. They are putting precautionary measures to avoid infection of the coronavirus among patients. They constantly check the temperature of patients coming in and have limited the number of those who may enter the facility. Also, for not very urgent cases, some pediatricians offer telemedicine. But they are making a sincere appeal to parents to make sure that they are not skipping any of their child's vaccines.

It is one thing to worry about catching the coronavirus. At this point, what could be helpful to parents is to ensure that they are also taking off from their plates a possible outbreak. As one expert would describe it, there is a fine line between getting the vaccination and risk being sick, and not getting it but constitute an outbreak. Experts say it should be a careful process that would both lead to safety.

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