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Infuenza Vaccine

Health/Nutrition  4 April '17

Thinking Of Getting Your Kid Vaccinated? Study Says Flu Deaths Related To Non-Vaccination

Most deaths due to flu are related to children not getting vaccinated.

Measles Outbreak In Europe Due To Immunization Drop

Health/Nutrition  30 March '17

Measles Outbreak In Europe Worries World Health Organization As All Countries Are At Risk

Just this January, more than 500 cases of measles were reported in Europe and less than half of these were from Italy.

Mumps Outbreak In The US

Body  10 March '17

Mumps Outbreak: Health Officials Remind Worried Parents On Vaccination As Cases Surge Across States

Alabama, Chicago, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma are just some of the states experiencing a rise in mumps cases in recent months.

No link between MMR vaccine and autism, says new study

Autism  26 January '17

No Connection Found Between Autism And Vaccines, Study Says

For quite some time doctors thought that autism and vaccines are related but a new study suggests that there is no link.

Vaccination: The Pros and Cons

Infant  13 January '17

Mom Talks About Importance Of Vaccination After Tragic Death Of Baby

The issue on vaccination has been the center of debate among parents and medical experts.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Infant  17 December '16

New Study Says Lidocaine Could Numb Pain During Infant Vaccination

A new way to help ease the pain in infant during vaccination has been found.

Funeral Held For American Victim Of Paris Terror Attacks

Infant  29 November '16

Latest Report Sheds Light On Maternal, Newborn and Infant Deaths: A Global Burden

75% of all maternal, newborn and child deaths occur in just 20 countries. The major causes of death are largely preventable, a new report reveals.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  28 November '16

Toxic Shots: Anti-Vac Parents Gets Their Wake Up Call After 3 Of Her Children Contacted Preventable Disease

Three children got ill after their parents skipped vaccination.

New England Towns Struggle With Opioid And Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  27 November '16

CDC Changes Public Comment Request After Knowing Details About MMR And MMRV Vaccinations

he Vaccine Information Statements provide a list of potential side effects, because it’s necessary for people to be aware of what could happen from vaccinations.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  17 November '16

Protecting The Health Of Our Children Through Vaccinations

Health professionals stress the importance of vaccines, both children and adults, for the prevention of diseases.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  3 August '16

Toddler's 'Worst Case Of Chickenpox' Prompts Call For Free Vaccination

A parent is calling for a change in the immunization policy for chicken pox.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Medicine  21 July '16

STD News And Updates: Chlamydia May Be Prevented With A Vaccine Developed By New Research

A recent research has developed a vaccine that may treat chlamydia and even possibly prevent it from being acquired in the first place.

Whooping Cough Vaccinations Administered In Los Angeles

Infant  20 July '16

Five-week-old San Diego Baby Dies From Whooping Cough, 164 Cases of Same Disease Recorded in Area for This Year

A five-week-old baby in San Diego died from a whooping cough.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  6 July '16

'Toxic Shots': California Mandatory Vaccine Law Causes Outrage Due to Toxic Effect

The vaccine law in California caused outrage among parents who are anti-vaccination. Do these vaccines put children at risk?

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Health  1 June '16

Vaccination, Autism Link: 12-Year-Old Aspiring Scientist Shows 'Proof' For Anti-Vaxxers [WATCH]

The kid's video has received millions of views because of the way he presented his "findings" about vaccines.

Immunizations Prepare Children for New School Year

Toddler  20 May '16

Parents, Does Your Child Fear Injection? Experts Say It Could Be Your Fault

Over 130 kids were observed in this pyschological study in Canada.

A pediatric practice in Lausanne, Switzerland

Infant  20 March '16

Immunize Your Baby Now: 5 Important Vaccinations For Babies

Discover the benefits of these vaccinations and when your baby should get them.

Whooping cough poses threat to children

Parenting  20 January '16

Whooping Cough Poses Threat To Children, Doctors Warn

Health experts are now warning parents to take whooping cough seriously as figures showed that there were many infants who were hospitalized last year and the number is constantly increasing.

Prince George & Princess Charlotte Of Cambridge - Official Photographs Released

Health/Nutrition  9 September '15

Whooping Cough Vaccine & Treatment: Siblings Likeliest Source of Whooping Cough Infection Among Infants -- How To Protect Your Baby

Mothers are no longer the main source of whooping cough among infants. In a recent study, it was revealed that the frequency by which the condition is transferred to babies through contact with their sibling has increased. The researchers believe that such shift in the situation is the result of a more prevalent occurrence of coughs and colds among grade school children nowadays.

Open Communication Between Doctors and Parents May Help Encourage Vaccination Among Children

Health/Nutrition  5 November '13

Open Communication Between Doctors and Parents May Help Encourage Vaccination Among Children

Parents’ acceptance of parental vaccine is closely associated with how providers and physicians communicate vaccine recommendations, according to Doctors Lounge.

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