Now Is The Perfect Time to Be Foster Parents

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On average, it takes three to four years or even more before a child in foster to be adopted. In the United States, over 437,000 children are in foster care. In 2018, almost 690,000 children were in foster care.

The primary reason why children are removed from their homes is neglect.

Foster parenting is very timely

In Knoxville, advocates say that the pandemic has put some children in need of a loving home. Recruitment Specialist at Omni Visions, Serenity Andrews, said that there are 711 children in Knoxville that need an adoptive home. Across the state of Tennesse, more than 9,000 foster children also need a home.

Andrews also said that it is challenging to find homes for teenagers and sibling groups. He said, "We always try to keep our siblings together." Finding homes that are willing to keep sibling groups, especially the large ones, is a little more difficult for foster groups.

What is the role of a foster parent?

A lot of people are needed to be involved when a child is brought to care. Each person has an integral role in rectifying the problems. However, a foster parent plays one of the most vital parts.

Their role is to love and teach children while providing support to them as well. 

Growing up without a family

For children who are over six years old, it is already challenging to find them a foster or adoptive family. A lot of families prefer adopting children of younger ages. 

While there are residential facilities that could shelter these children, these could not resemble families. Children in such facilities are provided with safety, basic needs, and structure, but some children need a higher level of structure that could support their emotional and behavioral challenges.

Being a foster parent

The responsibility of becoming a foster parent is enormous. However, it is also a very fulfilling task that can change someone's life for the better. Seeing a child's life change by recovering from difficult times, changed the lives of most foster parents.

According to The Omni Family, fostering and adopting can change generations. Foster parents can teach children what it takes to provide safety and security to families. That is something that they can do in the future when they already intend to build their own families.

Also, foster parenting is considered as a mission field-children who have been neglected, abandoned, or abused face a lot of obstacles. Through foster parenting, children and youth may be lifted for them to see that there is hope in the future. In becoming a foster parent, a person sees a bigger picture of how one's experiences can change the community.

Every child who is in foster care needs a family. The United States may have a lot of opportunities, but they remain such for children who cannot try the world without fear, confusion, and chaos.

This month is National Foster Care Month in the United States. For those who are interested to learn more about foster parenting, they may visit The Omni Family website.

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