5 Effective Ways To Boost Your Shy Teen’s Confidence

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A shy teen would sometimes opt to stay at home, read a book, or binge-watch his or her favorite TV Series. There is nothing wrong about being shy. Sometimes, it is okay for parents to let their shy teens do whatever they want.

However, there could be a downside to not helping teens get away from being shy.

Shyness can lead to low self-confidence. If there are things that your shy teen cannot do because his or her shyness gets in the way, then that is the time when parents should intervene.

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Here are some of the steps that parents can follow to help their shy teen build self-confidence:

Understand why your shy teen feels that way

There are several reasons why a teen tends to be overpowered by their shyness. One of which is genetics. If a teen is shy, there is a possibility that his or her parents also grew up being very shy.

Past experiences can also be a factor as to why a teen is shy. 

When parents know where their shy teen is coming from, they can address their behavior correctly. The way parents understand their shy teens can help in making the teens feel less conscious.

Let your shy teen practice speaking up

Shy teens can practice speaking up by letting them make a call to the restaurant when the family plans to order something. Speaking up does not necessarily mean a large crowd; simple speaking tasks will help. At the same time, parents should be guiding their shy teens until he or she can already do it on his or her own.

Also, shy teens should be encouraged to take the initiative when mingling with new people.

Give praise and positive support for the efforts of your shy teen

Through encouraging shy teens always to feel positive, they can feel accepted. When they have established this feeling, they are likely to have better self-confidence. 

As shy teens try new activities often, these will no longer feel new to them; thus, this will be easier for them.

There is a boost in a shy teen's self-esteem when they appear empowered. Praising them can also make them feel good about themselves.

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Support your shy teens when they start discovering their new talents

Sometimes, shy teens would like to explore other opportunities; parents should give their full support when they have found this. If they are not into seeking their talents, parents should also support them in finding their hidden talents. Shy teens may try sports, organizations, or clubs.

When in new situations, parents should let their shy teens warm up

One of the things that could make shy teens uneasy is when they are in new situations. Shy teens could feel threatened in such cases. What parents should do is make them feel secured. Shy teens should also learn that there are a lot of benefits to socializing.

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