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Infuenza Vaccine

Health/Nutrition  4 April '17

Thinking Of Getting Your Kid Vaccinated? Study Says Flu Deaths Related To Non-Vaccination

Most deaths due to flu are related to children not getting vaccinated.

College Roommates

Relationship  17 March '17

When Your Roommate Acts Like A Parent: A Guide For Teens In College

If your roommate is behaving a lot like your mom, here's how you should handle her.

Gordon Douglas Chalmers

Teens/Young Adults  12 March '17

Australian Man Poses As Justin Bieber Gets Arrested, Faces More Than 900 Child Sex Charges

An Australian man impersonating singer Justin Bieber was charged in more than 900 child sex offenses.

Afghan Women And Children Suffer In Kabul's Mental Institution

Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Why Teens Should Seek Mental Health Help To Avoid Depression Later In Life

Mental Illnesses such as depression are common among youngsters these days and if treatment is not started early they can end up suffering a lot more in the future.


Teens/Young Adults  24 January '17

Study Suggests E-Cigarette Might Increase Possibility Of Non-Smoking Teens To Try Smoking

A new study claim e-cigarette is not a deterrent for kids to try smoking.

Sniper Suspect Decides Not To Represent Himself

Behavior  10 January '17

Can Mothers Save Teenagers From Committing Juvenile Crimes Again?

New study suggests that the involvement of mothers in the legal process can help control teens from committing the same crime again.

tATu On The Set Of Their Upcoming Music Video

School  5 January '17

Headteacher Sends 20 Students Home For Wearing Inappropriate Uniform In School

Headmaster sends students off to their homes for inappropriate dressing and violating school dress code.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Teens/Young Adults  26 December '16

Is Social Media A Replacement For Drugs Among Teens?

Social media may have reduced the number of teens who use drugs but screentime has now become the new vice.

Indian IT Industry Moves Into The Consumer Market

School  24 December '16

Junior High Math Teacher Gets Reprimanded For Using Inappropriate Word In A Math Problem

This teacher got in trouble for using a word he shouldn't have when he asked his students to solve a math problem.

Watchdog Bans Online Junk Food Adverts Aimed At Children

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

Why Black Children And Teens Are More Exposed To Junk Food Ads Than White Kids

This article analyzes how junk food advertisements impact children.

Christmas Shopping Season is Underway

Teens/Young Adults  13 December '16

The Perfect Unique Gift Suggestions For Teens This Holiday!

Don't know what to give your teenage child this holiday? Here are some ideas.

Mike Yenni Interview with Fox 8

Teens/Young Adults  2 December '16

Republican Politician Denies He Is Gay After Texting A Teenage Boy Inappropriate Messages

GOP politician said he is not gay amidst the allegations of him sexting a teenage boy.

Adult Sex Shop Goes Mainstream In Connecticut

Behavior  28 November '16

Teens Who Watch Porn Likely To Develop Sexually Abusive Behaviors, Study Warns Parents

There have already been countless of studies that prove watching pornography can be mentally harmful to the young.

Mike Pence Campaigns In Depressed Rust Belt Town Of Johnstown, PA

School  23 November '16

Starting School Late Could Help Teenagers Escape Depression And Anxiety Among Other Problems, Says Study

Given how teenagers' internal clocks are set, starting school later and getting more sleep results in better grades and less depression

Helpless African- American Teenager Being Depressed

Teens/Young Adults  21 November '16

Children's Suicide Casualties Escalates

Cases of suicide incidents increase as years passes by.

Texas Iraq War Veteran Struggles to Cope with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Teens/Young Adults  17 November '16

Teen Girls Are Suffering From Depression And Here Is The Reason Why

You won't believe why teen girls are suffering from depression these days.

Argue With Parents

Teens/Young Adults  12 November '16

A Perceptive Way Of Arguing With Teens

Parents usually want their teens to understand them. But how can we do for it not to lead to a conflict?

Scared of what will be her fate...

Teens/Young Adults  10 November '16

The Truth About Teenage Human- Trafficking

We are aware that human trafficking has been a long term issue over the years. It has been a problem in the world. It chooses no one whether young or old. But what is the truth about this kind of illegal matter?

NYPD Chief Bratton And NY State Attorney Gen. Schneiderman Speak On The Community Overdose Prevention Program

Teens/Young Adults  4 November '16

Drug Overdose Latest News: Two Utah Thirteen-Year-Olds Confirmed Dead Due To Synthetic Opioid Called ‘Pink’

Two Utah teens were confirmed to have died due to overdose.

The Road Back Dramatic Film on Teen Anxiety/Depression (Low-res)

Teens/Young Adults  28 October '16

Teen Anxiety & Depression: The Ultimate Key Parents Should Always Remember In Dealing With It

Modern Teens tend to be misunderstood and so they usually end up being depressed as some are even lead to self-harm or suicide. Parents should learn how to overcome these problems through the ultimate key called "love".

Tech Bash Brings Carnival For Tech-Savvy Consumers

Dads  25 October '16

Video Game Violence Vs. Culture: Creator of ‘DOOM’ 'John Romero Shares His Opinion

Is "DOOM" a violent game? Here's what its creator John Romero got to say.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Teens/Young Adults  19 October '16

Teen's Heroism Leads To Accidentally Shooting Himself And His Sister While Trying To Protect Siblings From A Stranger

Teen almost got himself killed using a gun while trying to protect his siblings.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Teens/Young Adults  13 October '16

New Study Shows Using Tools And Role Playing To Depict Pregnancy Only Increases Teen Pregnancy

Teenagers were taught the wrong way when it comes to procreation, which is why teen pregnancy was even an issue.

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