YouTuber Myka Stauffer Speaks About Rehoming Adopted Son Who Helped Her Gain Followers

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After more than three years of filming their journey to adoption and the updates in Huxley's life, the Stauffer family has decided to rehome their son.

Huxley is a child from China adopted by influencer Myka Stauffer in 2017. Their followers multiplied. Most of these people followed Myka and her family's journey in choosing Huxley and taking care of him. However, just recently, the family is receiving backlash for rehoming their son.

In a video uploaded two days ago, Myka Stauffer and her husband gave an update about their family. The couple explained the process that they had to go through when they decided to have Huxley rehomed. The Stauffer couple was holding back tears as they shared the story of their adoption and the hardships their son experienced.

According to Myka, although they knew that Huxley has special conditions, the documents were not very transparent about his real health condition. Over the years, they discovered that their son needed more intensive medication, which they thought another family could be better.

In the video, Myka admitted that she feels that she failed as a mother. She said, "Do I feel like a failure as a mom? 500 percent."

Myka Stauffer's adoption updates on YouTube

In October 2017, YouTuber Myka Stauffer uploaded a video on her channel showing the day they officially adopted Huxley in China. The video has more than five million views.

Before the Adoption Day video, there were 13 other videos that Myka Stauffer posted regarding Huxley's adoption process.

These videos include the story from the very beginning. They even have a video when they learned about Huxley's diagnosis.

Aside from the adoption process videos, there are plenty of other videos about their adoption. One of these included a fundraiser for her son, whom she refers to have "special needs."

Netizens React On The Rehoming Decision of Myka Stauffer and Family

A lot of the people on the Internet are furious about the decision of the Stauffers.

Some Twitter users said they are no longer comfortable taking any parenting advice from Myka Stauffer.

Others are worried about how Huxley has been "exploited" by Myka. They said that the family used their former son in advertisements but did not get to have the home that he deserves.

Shortly after the announcement video was posted, the #cancelmykastaufer trended on Twitter.

On Myka Stauffer's YouTube channel, some said they understood the decision the couple had to make, and that this is probably a difficult time for the entire family.

Myka Stauffer's former Son, Huxley is now in His "Forever Home"

According to the Stauffer couple, it took them some time to share their decision to rehome Huxley because they wanted to protect his privacy.

In the update video, the couple also said that Huxley is now in his new guardians and referred to them as his "forever family."

They assured their subscribers that the agency that handled Huxley's rehoming is the perfect match for their former son.

Myka Stauffer has four other children.

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