Robbie Williams’ Children are Curious About His “Wild” Past

Robbie Williams' wife, Ayda Field, is starting to have awkward conversations with her young children. The little ones are curious about their father's wild past.

The pair have four children, Theodora, 7, Charlton, 5, Colette, 2, and Beau, three months. Even though their children are still in their primary school age, they are starting to get curious about Williams' past.

Robbie Williams Children are Curious About His Wild Past
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Williams has a wild past

The 46-year-old star has a long history of wild behavior. He had a relationship with a lot of girlfriends and lovers. He also got into drug use.

Field told "The Sun" that her firstborn has seen her dad in an old video on a few occasions. The little girl would ask her mom whether her husband dated women other than her. Field admitted that the rock star did, so her daughter was curious.

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Field is open about anything

The 41-year-old actress said that her daughter had no idea how promiscuous her daddy was before her mom and dad got together. She said that they are going to discuss the star's past, both about drugs and his dating. Field said that she is going to be an angel compared to Williams.

That is fine with her. She revealed that her openness, even about sex, came from her closeness with her mom, Gwen. The American actress grew up in Los Angeles, and nothing was off-limits. Her 70-year-old mom is even writing a book about the joys of sex after 60.

Williams is moving to another genre

Recently, Williams has revealed that he is leaving his rock and pop roots. For his next album, he will switch to a whole new music sound. He will use a disco as his inspiration. The "Take That" star said that he has been recording 20 new songs while in lockdown.

His new songs fall under the genre that he has not touched before. He said that he is very excited about the new songs. Adding to that, he said that he is looking forward to his fans' reaction to his new direction.

Field is busy with her podcasts

Apart from chasing children around the "madhouse," the mom-of-four is busy driving two podcasts. Her latest one, "Postcards From The Edge," shows her interviewing British celebrities. Her first guest is Olly Murs, as she explores the difference of her culture with the UK.

Field's other podcast is "At Home With The Williamses." She and her husband host the podcast while comic Sarah Millican is the narrator. The podcast allows the couple to interact with others. The pair's last public sightings were when they became judges in "X-Factor" in 2018. Williams used to guest on the ITV show "Loose Women," where Field was a panelist.

What makes listening to their podcast great is the couple's naughty humor and close bond. The Williams couple gives insight into their private family and children's lives. They only allowed their fans to see Teddy in 2018 after her public debut.

Field said that all four of her children are splitting images of her husband. She thought that they would look like her because she was Turkish. Now she knows that she has weak genes.

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