4 Simple Ways for Parents of Dyslexic Students to Cope [Saying 'I Love You' Counts]

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Teaching kids to read and write can sometimes be frustrating. However, parents should consider that every child has their own pace in learning. Also, parents should be observant with their children, because they could be suffering from a learning disorder known as dyslexia.

According to experts, children who have dyslexia do not lack intelligence. 80 to 90 percent of children who have learning disorders have dyslexia.

For parents of dyslexic students, it could be quite challenging to address their children's needs.

Parenting itself is already a handful. That is why coping with the needs of a dyslexic student sounds much harder for some parents.

However, here are fours simple ways on how parents of dyslexic students may cope:

Parents should not expect perfection.

When parents begin to expect perfection, it not only causes frustration on the parents when the kid fails but also to the child himself.

Especially for parents of dyslexic students, they should learn how to disregard perfection. Most of the time, when the dyslexic student hits what is close enough, it should already be considered as a success.

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Even for parents of students, who do not have dyslexia, perfection should be out of the picture. 

Having a positive attitude is one of the best ways when coping with the challenges of a dyslexic student.

Guide your kid in understanding dyslexia.

There will come the point in a dyslexic student's journey in school when they feel that they are not doing enough. At some point, they might even blame themselves for not being able to keep up with the other kids.

Parents of dyslexic students may cope with this by making sure that they are part of the child's journey. Parents should help the kids in understanding what dyslexia means. If the child feels it is their fault, remind them that it is not. Parents should also learn to work through a dyslexic student's difficulties with the parents' full guidance.

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Remind your kid that you love him or her.

Sometimes, even when parents show their children love, kids do not feel it. Unless parents tell their kids, "I love you," children sometimes have doubts.

Considering that dyslexic students tend to blame themselves, parents should always have their kids' backs.

For parents of dyslexic students to also be able to cope with the emotional toll that the situation may bring, reminding each other of the love they have can help.

Celebrate all types of success.

Part of coping for parents with dyslexic students is learning how to be thankful. This gratitude should include even the slightest progress that happens to a child.

Whenever parents celebrate small successes with their kids, they realize that making progress is a good thing.

Whether it is finishing a project or a big test, it does not matter. Progress is still progress.

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