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Nearly 90 Percent Of Parents Think It's More Difficult To Raise Kids Than Ever Before

Family Life  4 July '18

Nearly 90 Percent Of Parents Think It's More Difficult To Raise Kids Than Ever Before

A survey conducted by the Business Performance Innovation Network revealed that most parents these days experience parental burnout. They go through emotional distress, which affects their work and family life.

Matt Bomer On How He Told Parents He's Gay

Dads  4 May '17

Matt Bomer Says His Parents Went 'Radio Silence' On Him 6 Months After Coming Out Gay

Matt Bomer also talks about his sons, Walker, Henry and Kit, with husband Simon Halls.

Parents As Best Friends Of Their Kids

Parenting  2 May '17

Parents As Best Friends: How Can Moms And Dads Be Buddies With Their Kids Without Losing Authority?

Parents who are best friends with their kids establish a level of trust that make them their confidante.

Social Media And Parents Use Have Its Ups And Downs

Parenting  28 April '17

Social Media And Parents: How Your Facebook Obsession Affects Your Kids

Social media have both helped and harmed parents and its effects also reflect on the kids.

Kids Say Parents Spend Too Much Time On Smartphones

Parenting  24 April '17

Kids Say Parents Are On Smartphones Too Much, New Survey A Wake-Up Call For Families

Parents, do you worry about your kids spending too much time on their smartphones? They worry about your mobile phone habits too, according to a new survey.

Video Feedback Program For Autism

Issues  13 April '17

Can Parents Reduce Autism Risks In Babies? Study Reveals How In 'Video Feedback' Program

A video feedback program may aid parents in the way they interact with babies who could have autism risks.

Baby Box

Infant  27 March '17

Alabama Encourages Safe Sleeping Habits For Parents With Newborn Babies By Giving Baby Boxes

Baby boxes help protect newborn babies from dying, as well as help parents understand safe sleeping habits.

Having Kids Increase Life Span

Family Life  16 March '17

Having Kids Increases Parents' Life Span By 2 Years Compared To Childless Couples, Study Says

Once parents reach 60, women with kids live up to 24 more years and dads with kids live up to 20 more years.

Casey Anthony

Toddler  8 March '17

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence, Says She's Unsure What Happened To 2-Year-Old After Murder Allegations Acquittal

Casey Anthony, the mother of a two-year-old who died years ago, recently released new statements in her first ever interview regarding the issue.

Understand The Long Term Effects Of Binge Drinking Among Teenagers And How It Impacts Their Future Children

Puberty  15 January '17

Understanding The Long Term Effects Of Binge Drinking Among Teenagers And How It Impacts Their Future Children

Studies suggest that binge drinking during your teenage years can after your children's brain capacity in the future.

Children Watch Television At Home

Behavior  14 January '17

Understanding The 'Super Hero Culture' And How It Negatively Impacts A Child's Behavior

Superheroes are often looked up to by the younger generation but studies reveal that these crime-fighting role models can turnout to do more harm than good.

Intervention Program For Minors Exposing Them To a adult Prison Caused Backlash

Behavior  13 January '17

Intervention Program Exposing Minors To Adult Prison Sparks Backlash

An intervention program designed for minors sending them to adult prison caused a backlash among parents.

Highlights Children's Magazine To Release Their First Feature On Same Sex Couple After Relieving A Backlash For Being Homophobic

Family Life  11 January '17

Highlights Children's Magazine To Release First Feature On Same-Sex Couple After Relieving A Backlash For Being Homophobic

A children's magazine is bound to release their first issue which highlights same-sex parents.

Fight Between Parents and Students Broke Out After the Lexington - Wooster Basketball Game!

School  6 January '17

Shocking Student-Parent Brawl Breaks Out At High School Basketball Game In Ohio

Just when the Generals-Lexington Minutemen basketball game was about to end, a fight broke out in the stands and the trouble mongers were none other than the parents.

The AIDS Epidemic In The Ukraine

Family Life  5 January '17

Are Parents More Important Than Children In A Family Unit?

Children are not the glue between the relationship of their parents instead, it is the decision of the mother and the father to which way a relationship will proceed.

Dreamworld Closed Until Further Notice Following Fatal Ride Accident

Infant  3 January '17

Stimulation Can Help Babies Learn And Develop Habits Faster

Babies are fast learners and giving them external stimuli to shape their behavior works superbly.

European Union Promotes Child Nutrition

Toddler  31 December '16

Choking Hazards Of Large-Sized Food For Young Children

Parents should ensure that their children are not putting certain food items in their mouth

How Parents Can Help Kids with Homework

School  24 December '16

With Involvement Of Technology In Students' Homework, Parents Are Making Efforts For Improved Study Environments

As school assignments go digital, more parents are building dedicated spaces where they can monitor children’s activities.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

Health/Nutrition  22 December '16

Children WIth Down Syndrome Are A Financial Burden For Their Families. Really?

A person who has a child with down syndrome is usually targeted with negative comments and are considered to be a burden. This is hardly the case, though.

Marijuana Moms in Beverly Hills

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

Smoking Pot And Parenting Simply Cannot Be Conjoined

A lot of states are now legalizing marijuana which was once considered as a dangerous drug.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States

Health/Nutrition  19 December '16

How To Keep Your Children Warm In Winter

The winter season has arrived and it's most important for parents to keep their children warm enough.

Two kids, one sandwich. Action Against Hunger The Sharing Experiment

Toddler  17 December '16

How To Induce Generosity In Your Kids

Why be generous? It’s a perfectly reasonable question for an innocent kindergartner or oppositional teenager to ask.

Skin-to-skin contact: the amazing benefits of touch

Health/Nutrition  16 December '16

What is Nurturing Touch And How Can It Be Beneficial For Kids

When babies come into this world, they have immediate requirements and completely rely on their parents for their satisfaction.

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