17 Unique baby girl names to make your daughter stand out in class

There are so many pretty girl names that are tempting to name your soon-to-be baby girl. But would you want your child to turn around when a person calls out her name only to realize that the person was referring to somebody else? Think again. 

As parents, you would not want your child to hate you for giving a very common name. Here are some unique baby girl names with meanings so you could choose the best one for your baby girl. 

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17 Unique baby girl names to make your daughter stand out in class
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Meaning "lioness of God," the name Aria is a strong name for a strong little girl. It is the Italian version of the name Ariel. 


The unique mid-century name Bette is the french version of Betty. It means "consecrated to God." Use it to name your daughter to remind you of Bette Midler and Bette Davis. 


Even after entering the baby naming lists in 2009, the name Brinley is still uncommon. You could call your daughter nicknames such as Bri, Brynn, and Leigh. 


Why not name your baby girl Effie? This unique baby girl name means "well spoken of." It is also used as a nickname for Alfreda or Euphemia. 


If you wanted a trendy name 100 years ago, Inez is the one for you. It is a unique Spanish twist to the name Agnes which has the meaning of "pure" in Greek.

17 Unique baby girl names to make your daughter stand out in class
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If you know the actress Jeryl Prescott, then you might have included Jeryl into your list. The moniker means "spear ruler." 


A short and sweet name, which means "Earth" in Greek.


A regal flair reminiscent of Anastacia, the name Nastassia, would make your little girl feel that she is one-of-a-kind. 


A short term for the Basque name, Nayara, Naya means "swallow." 

17 Unique baby girl names to make your daughter stand out in class
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Call your baby girl Poppy for a punchy yet pretty name with character. You could also choose from among the flower's variations - Popi, Popee, Popie, or Poppea. 


This gender-neutral name, Quinn, is another take on the last name trend. In German and English, it means "queen."

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This moniker means "sincere friend" and is the name of one of Muhammad's wives. 


Call your daughter with a phonetically lovely and extremely uncommon name, Talula. The Native American word means "leaping water." 


Ranking SSA's top 100 in the 1920s, the name Vera usually comes from the designer Vera Wang. It means "true" or "faith." In Latin and Slavic, it is also used as a nickname for Elvera or Veronica. 


Although the male counterpart of the name Willa, William, is quite common, the female version is rather unusual. It means "valiant protector," so your little girl would grow up to be a strong and caring daughter. 


Your little girl would surely be as vibrant as the flower Zinnia. It is the cousin of sunflower and has bright yellow, red, orange, and fuchsia colors. 


Give your baby girl a gorgeous and unique name Zuri. In Swahili, it means "beautiful." 

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