For a month, doctor cared for a baby whose parents are COVID-19 positive

Dr. Mary Anitha took care of a six-month-old baby for one month after his parents tested positive to COVID-19. Not one of the babies' relatives wanted to take care of him for fear of getting infected with the coronavirus. 

On July 15, the Kerala doctor returned baby Elvin to his parents. The parents have completed their quarantine and were discharged from the hospital. They were very thankful to the doctor for taking good care of their baby while receiving treatments in the hospital. The doctor even took the initiative to make video calls so the parents could still see their baby virtually as they are away and quarantining in the hospital. 

Both parents tested positive

Hailing from Ernakulam district, Elvin's parents are working as nurses at a Gurgaon healthcare facility. A one ago, the baby's father tested positive for the virus, so his mother took Elvin and returned to Kerala. Upon reaching Kochi, the mother also tested positive as she was at home quarantining. 

Doctor bravely took care of a baby for one month after exposure to parents who tested COVID-19 positive
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No one to take care of Elvin

The district child welfare looked for people to look after Elvin. Many people are afraid of contracting the virus, so they did not want to care for the baby. Even Elvin's parents' relatives were afraid and did not turn up to take care of him. 

Dr. Anitha said that the child welfare committee came to her on June 14. She said that the baby had already lived for many days with his ill mother when the doctor heard about it. She said that the chances of Elvin being ill were very high. 

No second thoughts

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Anitha runs an organization for the children in Kochi who are differently-abled. Without second thoughts, she offered to take care of the baby despite having three children. She explained that after she expressed her willingness to take care of the baby, she shared the idea with her family. 

Dr. Anitha took Elvin from the hospital on June 15 and brought him to her apartment complex in an empty flat. Her children would bring meals to the flat, leaving them outside the door. The doctor made sure to have video calls with the baby's dad and mom during their treatments in Gurgaon and Kochi. 

Elvin's mother said that they were very grateful to the doctor. The doctor was "godsend" because nobody wanted to look after their baby after being exposed to parents with COVID-19. She also said that she respects the doctor and her family for their support on her decision to take care of Elvin. 

Not many people do selfless acts, such as the one did by Dr. Anitha. She is truly God sent for sacrificing her well being to take care of the little one. 

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