Coronavirus: Why babies shouldn’t wear face masks and how to protect them?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to wear face masks when going out in public. However, children below two years of age are exempted from the rule. One Facebook group wants to call the attention of parents about-face mask-wearing in babies. 

Pendle Family Zone posted a warning on their Facebook account, reminding parents not to let their babies wear face masks. The group said that one of ELHT's amazing Community Midwives saw a promotion about baby face masks. 

Coronavirus: Why babies shouldn’t wear face masks and how to protect them?
(Photo: Facebook/Pendle Family Zone)

The community brought attention to the Pendle Family Zone about the innovative baby mask with a preinstalled pacifier. So the alarmed Facebook group is begging parents not to let their babies have face coverings. It reminded that babies are too little to wear masks, plus the design increases the risk of suffocation. 

The organization that first posted the baby mask, The Lullaby Trust, explained their side. They said that they were not aware of any advice about kids wearing face masks. 

Why can't babies wear face masks?

There are five reasons why infants should not wear face masks. 

Smaller airways

An infant's airways are smaller, making breathing through a face mask harder. 

Risk of suffocation

Letting a baby wear a mask may increase their risk of suffocation. Typical masks may make them hard to breathe. Letting them wear a snug fit will limit their access to air while a loose fit will not protect them. 

Unable to remove

If little ones have a hard time breathing, they could not remove the cover by themselves. It could make them suffocate. 

Older babies could remove it

Older infants are likely not to keep their masks on, and they touch their faces more. 

No N95 masks for infants

There are no approved N95 masks for little ones. 

Coronavirus: Why babies shouldn’t wear face masks and how to protect them?
(Photo: unsplash/David Veksler)

How to protect babies from coronavirus?

Without covering your little one, there are ways to protect them from the deadly disease. 

Avoid going out

Limit your baby from going out in public. 

Cover the carrier

Instead of covering the infant, cover the carrier with a blanket. Never leave your baby unattended in the carrier with cover. 

Keep hands clean

Wash your little one's hands for 20 seconds with soap and water frequently. Use alcohol if the water is not available. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive home. 

Sanitize frequently-touched items

Clean doorknobs, tabletops, handles, light switches, and electronics often. 

Do not touch the face

Teach older children not to touch their faces. 

Social distancing

If you have no choice but to bring the baby out, make the trip as short as possible. Always stay at least six feet away from other people. 

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