Family of 4 Died Tragically in a Car Crash

Last week, an El Dorado Hills east of Sacramento family of four tragically died in a car crash. On Thursday, Alisa and Nick Streit were driving along a road in Amador County, with their two sons, Christopher, 5, and Tyler, 2, when they got into an accident.

Family of 4 died tragically in a car crash
(Photo : Instagram/nickkkstreit)

Winding and stressful stretch road

CBS Sacramento reported that Nick tried to crossover the yellow lines when another car approached theirs from opposite directions. After swerving, Nick lost control of the car that caused it to roll many times and catch fire. Residents in the area said that Latrobe Road, the one that the family was driving on, is known to be particularly winding and a stressful stretch.

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According to CBS Sacramento, the California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the crash. Warren Clawson, CPH officer told CBS that having kids involved in tragic incidents make it more difficult. He said that responding to a scene where somebody may or may not live is hard in itself.

Family of 4 died tragically in a car crash
(Photo : Instagram/nickkkstreit)

One happy and loving family

It seemed that the Streits is one happy and loving family. On the same day of the accident was Nick's last Instagram post. The photo he posted featured Alisa posing in a vineyard. He wrote the caption greeting his "absolutely gorgeous wife a happy Thursday, telling her that he loves her.

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 Happy Thursday to my absolutely gorgeous wife love you ️ A post shared by  Nick Streit (@nickkkstreit) on Jul 23, 2020 at 1:14pm PDT


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Jack Holder's Restaurant and Bar, where Alisa used to work, described the mother of two as someone who lights up a room and the hearts of everyone who knew her with her presence. Owners of the restaurant, Dan and Anna, said that Alisa's family represented everything that is beautiful in the world. The couple also said that everyone who knew the Streits would terribly miss them.

Dog pets for adoption

Jay, one of Nick's friends, shared the sad news on Instagram to find people to adopt the deceased family's pets. Admittedly, he wrote that he hates making sad posts but he explained that a "very close friend" of his died. He also indicated that his friend's wife and two amazing children also died. He said that he is looking for a responsible home for the two dogs that the family left behind.

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He said that a four-year-old Belgian Malinois, Dex, grew up with small kids in the house. Now, he is heartbroken. He explained that Dex has a good drive, genetics, and nerve. He would love to see the "really good" dog in an active pet home who would understand him. He added that the family has recently gotten a mixed breed puppy of malinois/black shepherd.

Later, Jay happily shared that both dogs are now in the care of another home.

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